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New ‘spyware’ in a popular video application has affected more than 50 million users, according to a report

QuVideo, developer of applications such as Vivavideo (a popular video editing application on both iOS and Android) contains a Trojan known as AndroidOS/AndroRatThe company is capable of stealing data related...

This Dremel multi-tool is one of the best selling tools on Amazon and today you can find it for less than 35 euros with free shipping

Amazon has been reduced to an attractive 34.50 euros this Dremel 3000 multitool with five accessories. This Dremel 3000 multi-tool comes with a very basic set of 5 original Dremel accessories that allow us to...

a new rumor reaffirms that he will continue to run Lightning Port

It’s not one of those big leaks that Jon Prosser is badgering us about, but the fact that the Fudge filter brings us from your Twitter is important. According to him, the next iPhone range we will see...

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Touching several fields (health, home, car, gagdets...), accessories are increasingly putting technology at the service of Man. Some high-tech accessories such as activity trackers try to help improve the life of users by tracking your movements, sleep or heart rate, for example.
Always with the aim of making people dream, technology relies more and more on the development of accessories and allows the user to plunge into an artificial world thanks to virtual reality accessories.

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