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The most downloaded applications and games of all time on iOS and Android

On pages like Sensor Tower, for example, we can tell which games and applications are the most downloaded daily in each country and on each platform. And by taking a look at other sites such as App Brain, it...

Apple patents a folding iPhone that would leave a section of the screen to “stick out” information

While we’re busy talking about the future revolution of Macs with Apple Silicon chips or the future iPhone 12 without a headset or charging adapter included, Cupertino is still working on what could be...

MiElectro has the Fitbit Versa Lite smart clock for only 114.99 euros in 4 colours to choose from

Still no sports watch to keep track of your daily physical activity? If you want a basic and elegant option, you can take advantage of the great price it leaves you these days MyElectro on Fitbit Versa Litefor...

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Touching several fields (health, home, car, gagdets...), accessories are increasingly putting technology at the service of Man. Some high-tech accessories such as activity trackers try to help improve the life of users by tracking your movements, sleep or heart rate, for example.
Always with the aim of making people dream, technology relies more and more on the development of accessories and allows the user to plunge into an artificial world thanks to virtual reality accessories.

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