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a mobile neobank that allows you to invest in the stock market and save on commissions

Vivid Money is a neobank that has just landed in Spain. It is an alternative to Revolut) and N26 that comes with 40 million euros in its investment round and with 180 employees. It is a bank that focuses its...

Deals of the day on Bosch DIY and cleaning tools with screwdrivers, saws or glass cleaners on sale until midnight

Amazon brings us several offers of the day on Bosch DIY and cleaning tools discounted until midnight at a good price:

Mark Gurman details Apple’s plans with his smartphone

Yes, yesterday was Mark Gurman’s day. Not content with spewing rumors of virtually the entire Mac range, the Bloomberg editor ended last night with data on the iPhone both this year and next. According...

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Touching several fields (health, home, car, gagdets...), accessories are increasingly putting technology at the service of Man. Some high-tech accessories such as activity trackers try to help improve the life of users by tracking your movements, sleep or heart rate, for example.
Always with the aim of making people dream, technology relies more and more on the development of accessories and allows the user to plunge into an artificial world thanks to virtual reality accessories.

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