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Ephemeral content has won and (like it or not) Twitter fleets are proof of it

The idea that was born in Snapchat may have been crazy at first but the truth is that has changed everything in terms of social networks. Content that you publish with less ‘fear’ of its permanence...

IRobot’s Braava Jet m6134 also at an all-time low price for Black Friday on Amazon: 499 euros

If you get a Roomba like the previous one or you already have one and want to give it the perfect companion to finish off the cleaning of the house, today you also have a minimum price in Amazon for Braava Jet...

L-shaped battery and larger chamber

As every year iFixit has disassembled all the new iPhones of this year, all four. And it is precisely in the last of them, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, where the most marked differences with the rest of the iPhone...

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Touching several fields (health, home, car, gagdets...), accessories are increasingly putting technology at the service of Man. Some high-tech accessories such as activity trackers try to help improve the life of users by tracking your movements, sleep or heart rate, for example.
Always with the aim of making people dream, technology relies more and more on the development of accessories and allows the user to plunge into an artificial world thanks to virtual reality accessories.

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