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launches Apple’s small smartphone for 205 euros less

Although we have seen the blue model on sale for a long time, now, in tuimeilibre we can get hold of him iPhone 12 Mini with 128 GB in black at the best price to date. The most manageable smartphone in the...

take it for only 449 euros in the September sales on Amazon

If you are looking for a lightweight laptop for the next course and you are not too demanding in terms of power, you still have time to get it Huawei MateBook D15 that Amazon It has a very tight 449 euros

They discover a WhatsApp vulnerability that put users’ data at risk

Check Point Research has echoed a new WhatsApp vulnerability that left a door open for attackers. Specifically, the vulnerability was found in an image filter of WhatsApp itself, through which user information...

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Touching several fields (health, home, car, gagdets...), accessories are increasingly putting technology at the service of Man. Some high-tech accessories such as activity trackers try to help improve the life of users by tracking your movements, sleep or heart rate, for example.
Always with the aim of making people dream, technology relies more and more on the development of accessories and allows the user to plunge into an artificial world thanks to virtual reality accessories.

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