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Can you spam Torghast for renown?

  1. Apparently, you can get some decent renown by just spamming layer 5 of Torghast
  2. No need to bother gathering up anima power, just rush towards the end of every floor and throw all damage cooldowns onto the elite there

Can you get 80 Renown from Torghast? Yea, as long as you do the weeklies that week, you can get to 80 It’s just that if you havent done the weeklies the catchup renown turns off at 78

For instance, What is the fastest way to farm renown?

By and large, you have a chance to earn renown from almost any activity: random normals, random heroic, m0, m+, raids of all kinds, pvp, torghast If you don’t want to do torghast, low m+ is the best Or wait a few days and just do 2-3 callings

What is the quickest way to get renown? Easiest way if you’re not in a rush is just dailies every 3 days, do the weeklys like 1000 anima, collect souls, world bosses are all guaranteed Few hours of effort a week for a few weeks On my freshly dinged alt, lvl 60 since yesterday late evening, i hit renown 80 today

Accordingly, What is the fastest way to level up renown?

What level does Torghast stop giving renown?

If you have Korthia and anima quests available they have to be done Otherwise Torghast will give renown up to 80 It’s not guaranteed every run but you still get it

Can you skip Covenant campaign on alts? But yes you can skip

How do I farm Torghast? The most efficient method of farming renown is completing Torghast layers 9-12, preferably layer 9 as it can be completed by semi-geared characters at a fast pace

Is Torghast easier solo?

As gear availability goes up, Torghast does become easier, and therefore, easier to solo Since this does not scale with gear, what was once difficult will start to feel a lot easier Bosses that seemed impossible because they required an interrupt, can now be burned down quickly

Is Torghast leveling good? Nice quick, quick, easy way to get a good chunk of XP, pretty fun getting to try some wacky stuff while leveling Glad you like it It’s always good to have multiple paths to level

Is Torghast easier as a tank?

Torghast mob scaling is different for tanks and healers, resulting in much easier runs because mobs deal less damage and have less health

Does time matter in Torghast? Time is the next largest source of your overall score in Torghast Each Torghast layer has a ‘par time’, which is the expected amount of time the run will take This is a similar concept to timers in Mythic dungeons If finish under the par time, you will receive the maximum amount of points for completion speed

How long do Torghast runs take?

What you’ll find in the Shadowlands Torghast dungeon Each wing of Torghast offers a different end boss, and these rotate from week to week There are six in total, so it takes three weeks to cycle through all of the bosses

Can you level to 60 in Torghast?

It is 50-60 only, yes, you can’t level there before 50 You need to be in Threads of Fate to do it The XP for the daily quest is nice, but otherwise it’s pretty lackluster, whether in group or solo

How much XP does Torghast give? Torghast Leveling Daily Quest The Box of Many Things offers a daily quest, Traversing Torghast This quest requires you to complete two Torghast wings and rewards 150xSoul Ash and a good chunk of experience Currently, at level 50, this quest rewards around 30% of a level

Can you solo all of Torghast? While you can play through Torghast solo, depending on your gear, class, and luck with Anima Powers, it can be extremely challenging to survive certain types of enemies

Can healers solo Torghast?

You won’t need a group for it, and you won’t feel being at a significant disadvantage compared to dps specs Mind you, there are some anima powers in there that are much more fun when in a group, so if you have some friends to run it with, by all means, do so But if you want to solo it, that works just aswell

Can warlocks solo Torghast? Unfortunately, solo affliction warlock in torghast is unironically just like solo questing or leveling – you just pull as much as you can while not dying to your voidwalker being unable to take agro on everything and not die

Can prot warrior solo Torghast?

Solo Protection Warrior in Torghast Tanks are, arguably, the most fun role to play solo in Torghast Depending on your gear level, your Anima Powers, and your skill level, you can really go buck wild

Can you solo Torghast twisting corridors? World of Warcraft: Shadowlands players can fully solo every Twisting Corridors layer for cosmetic rewards by keeping several steps in mind

How do you get a 5 star Torghast run?

  1. You need a score of at least 200 in order to get a 5-stars Flawless Score and be able to do the Adamant Vaults, assuming you already unlocked its talent at the Box of Many Things
  2. Completion is the most important aspect, and tracks how much Torghast activities you did, out of the total possible

How do you get 4 gems in Torghast? Best Way to Get 4+ Gems for Torghast Layer Upgrades in Patch 91

  1. Kill every mob, click every Soul and break every urn in your path
  2. There’s no big rush to finish the run in time, and you can pull at your own pace, as long as you stay Empowered a decent amount of time

How do you get 4 crystals in Torghast?

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