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Does Jennerstown Speedway sell beer?

  1. The Pub will offer Miller Lite, Coors Light, Bud Light, Budweiser, Yuengling, Mike’s Hard Lemonade/Black Cherry, and Twisted Tea, which can be carried throughout the Complex

Who won at Jennerstown Speedway last night? West Virginia native Jason Kitzmiller Sweeps Super Cup Stock Car Series Races at Jennerstown Speedway

For instance, How long is Bedford Speedway?

Bedford Speedway is a 5/8 mile (1 km) oval, semi-banked, clay, race track located in Bedford County, near Bedford, Pennsylvania

Who won Bedford Speedway last night? KYLE LEE SCORES BEDFORD WIN Travis Calhoun scored the Semi Late win and Barry Clark took a surprise win in Pure Stock action before Colin Welsh finished the evening with the 4 Cylinder victory

Accordingly, Who won at Bedford Speedway?

CLISE RISES AT BEDFORD One day short of a year since his last Bedford win, Chuck Clise snagged the win in the 25 lap Late Model feature at Bedford Friday night It was Clise’s 8th career win at the track and he became the seventh different winner in the nine 2022 events so far

How much are tickets at Hagerstown Speedway?

Sun 24 Adults $25 adv Kids under 13 $20 adv Pit Party $10
Sat 30 Gen Adm $15 Student/SR/Milt $10 Pits $30
Sat 6 Gen Adm $15 Student/SR/Milt $10 Pits $30

What is the track record at Jennerstown Speedway? Billed as the world’s fastest short-track cars, these winged race cars deliver on that promise Want numbers• The record for the one-half mile Jennerstown oval is held by ISMA driver Chris Perley of Rowleyl, Mass, a 15239-second lap that translates to an average speed of 12332 mph

Is Jennerstown Speedway Nascar sanctioned? Jennerstown – a NASCAR-sanctioned half-mile oval track in Jennerstown, Pennsylvania – hosted a doubleheader on July 2-3 Haburcsak finished sixth on July 2 and won on July 3

How old is the Jennerstown Speedway?

Originating in 1929, the Jennerstown Speedway Complex located in Jennerstown, Pennsylvania, is one of the nation’s oldest short track racing facilities that is still in operation

When was Jennerstown Speedway paved? Over the course of time Lasky became the sole owner of the facility, and in 1987 made the decision to move Jennerstown to the next level by paving the track and bringing asphalt racing back to Western Pennsylvania for the first time since the famed Heidelberg Raceway was sold for development in 1973

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