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Does Sonic fiber need modem?

  1. Your fiber connection will not require a modem, sonic will install an optical network terminal or ONT
  2. This will convert the fiber cable from the exterior transition box to an RJ-45 cable (a basic Ethernet cable such as you currently use to connect wired devices to your router)

Is Sonic DSL or cable? Sonic offers internet service within the state of California DSL internet from Sonic is available to an estimated 17 million people, making it the 11th largest residential DSL provider in the US by coverage area In addition to DSL broadband, Sonic also offers Copper and Fiber internet service

For instance, Does Sonic charge for equipment?

Are there equipment and rental fees? Equipment fees apply to Sonic subscribers in specific plans For example, those in the Fusion plan that need a Wi-Fi router may rent one from Sonic, which costs an additional $10/month

How is Sonic Internet installed?

Accordingly, Does Sonic have good WIFI?

Sonic claims to be the fastest internet service provider (ISP) in America with average speeds of 1,000 Mbps (1 gigabit), and the potential for speeds of up to 10 Gbps if you live in an area where Sonic has deployed its fiber-optic network

What kind of router does Sonic use?

Sonic Gigabit Fiber utilizes an Adtran 411 as the ONT solution, it provides modem functionality as well as a POTS (plain old telephone service) phone jack

Can you use your own router with Sonic? Yes A variety of routers, ranging from SOHO models available at retail computer-goods stores to enterprise-grade routers created for heavy network use will function with Sonic broadband and dialup access

Can I use my own equipment with Sonic? Customers who wish to use their own equipment may do so Customers will be subject to a shipping fee Under some circumstances, Sonic Support may require that the provided equipment is installed in order to perform complete diagnostics

How long does Sonic installation take?

Fiber Frequently Asked Questions How long does a typical installation take? – An installation can take up to four hours But most installations only require about 90 minutes to complete

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