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How good is Assurance Wireless?

  1. Assurance Wireless has a consumer rating of 144 stars from 482 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases
  2. Consumers complaining about Assurance Wireless most frequently mention customer service, new phone and text messages problems

What network does Qlink wireless use 2022? Qlink uses a T-Mobile network tower, so it has extensive coverage that serves nearly 97% of the US Approximately 280 million people benefit from Qlink wireless free services

For instance, How long does it take for Assurance Wireless to approve?

In the future, if my total household income exceeds 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, or I am no longer eligible to receive benefits from at least one of the qualifying public assistance programs listed above, I will notify Assurance Wireless within five (5) days

What network is Assurance Wireless on? Assurance Wireless offers mobile Broadband Internet Access Services for smartphones and feature phones, over T-Mobile’s network T-Mobile provides service on its 2G and 4G LTE broadband networks

Accordingly, Is assurance free phone legit?

Assurance Wireless is a legit company owned by T-Mobile that offers free government-subsidized phones and plans to qualifying customers

Is QLink under investigation?

The US Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service and the US Postal Service are involved in the investigation Authorities are said to be searching for specific IT material, and officials said it is part of an ongoing, multi-year investigation

Who is the carrier for QLink phones? Q Link Wireless is contracted with T-Mobile as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator Customers may purchase more minutes once their free monthly benefit is exhausted

Does QLink give you a free tablet? We proudly offer ACP subscribers under our network a new Tablet to enjoy along with FREE and UNLIMITED Cell Phone Service Please, keep in mind the Tablet offer varies by state

Does SafeLink still give free phones?

Free smartphone Free phone services from SafeLink Wireless, including: 350 monthly calling minutes* Unlimited text messages 3GB of monthly data*

What is the difference between LifeLine and SafeLink? SafeLink Wireless is proud to offer LifeLine service, a program that enables qualifying customers to receive discounts on monthly telephone service In our version of the program, you will receive free cellular service, a SIM card, and the assurance that you will get no bills and no contracts EVER!

What phones are free from the government?

Free cell phone plans from the US government

  • Assurance Wireless
  • Cintex Wireless
  • Copper Valley Telecom
  • Easy Wireless
  • enTouch Wireless
  • Feelsafe Wireless
  • GCI
  • Infiniti Mobile

Will SafeLink send me a new phone? If eligible, we’ll replace the defective device with a device of the same cosmetic condition or comparable model at our discretion Our conditions for a warranty claim are as follows: Your warranty only covers defects in materials or workmanship

How long does it take for SafeLink phone to arrive?

Once your application has been approved, you can expect to receive your Safelink Wireless phone within five to 10 business days via US registered mail

How long does it take to get SafeLink phone?

Applying for a Safelink Phone Once your application has been approved, you can expect to receive your Safelink Wireless phone within five to 10 business days via US registered mail

Is TruConnect and Assurance Wireless the same? They go by names including Assurance Wireless, Q Link Wireless, and SafeLink Wireless TruConnect prides itself on differentiation by including extras and even manufacturing its own smartphones so they can better control the quality, performance and minimize bloatware

What carrier is cintex wireless? Cintex Wireless® is a program provided by HTH Communications, LLC serving eligible American households

How do you get the government iPhone?

You’ll need to submit pay stubs, a W-2 form, or a letter from the government agency that you’re enrolled in to prove your household income The process of applying for free cell phone service is thankfully pretty easy—you can just go to the website of a cell phone company that participates in the program

How do I get another cintex wireless phone? Cintex Wireless will exchange a defective Mobile Device for a replacement phone, at Cintex Wireless’s discretion For a defective phone replacement, call Cintex Wireless Customer Support at +1 (855) 655-3097

How much data do you get with cintex wireless?

*Unlimited Data offered at lower speeds after 15 GB’s of High-Speed Data is used

How long does cintex take to ship? Say goodbye to your monthly bill and apply at Cintex to receive FREE monthly service as a part of the Lifeline & ACP programs Visit us today at buffly/2XC1Da6 Once your application is approved, your FREE device will be shipped within 7-10 business days!

How can I get an iPhone 11 for free?

At T-Mobile, you can get a free iPhone 11 Pro if you meet all of the carrier’s qualifications First off, you have to switch from another carrier and trade in your old device, or if you’re an existing customer, you can get one by adding a line to your plan

Can I buy a new phone for Assurance Wireless? Your free Assurance Wireless phone comes with a one-year warranty from the original equipment manufacturer If you experience an equipment malfunction, call us at 1-888-321-5880 and we will arrange for a similar replacement phone The replacement model may not be the exact model of the original device

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