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How long does CenturyLink installation take?

  1. Installation can take up to six hours, depending on the amount of work needed, so you might need to take off work

Simultaneously, Can I install CenturyLink internet myself? Download the High Speed Internet installation guide When you go to http://connectcenturylinkcom, you will see a welcome screen like this You can choose the English or Espanol version at the top Then click “Next” to start the setup process Note: Be sure to use “http” and NOT “https” when you enter the URL

Does CenturyLink require a phone line? Does CenturyLink Offer Internet Without Phone? Yes See CenturyLink “Internet Only” options Click here

What happens during internet installation?

During the appointment, the technician will install a small utility box called an optical network terminal (or ONT) outside or inside your home The tech will then run a cable from a nearby equipment box to the ONT, which will carry the fiber-optic connection from the larger network to your premises

Truly, How does CenturyLink connect internet?

Do you need a phone line for CenturyLink internet?

Does CenturyLink Offer Internet Without Phone? Yes See CenturyLink “Internet Only” options Click here

Is CenturyLink getting rid of landlines? It is not necessary anymore, CenturyLink said in the filing, as the “penalty for failing to resolve customer concerns or inquiries quickly is imposed by the competitive marketplace” Customers will drop the landline service

Does CenturyLink charge for modem? A $15 monthly charge for the lease of an advanced modem is shown in the Monthly Charges area Any similar monthly charges will be shown here Note: for some customers the modem lease will be in the Details of Your Internet section

Is CenturyLink a DSL or cable?

In addition to offering broadband access through digital subscriber lines (DSL), CenturyLink is also continually expanding its fiber optic network, which is currently in 19 cities

Does CenturyLink have self install? Download the My CenturyLink app – You can use the app to track your shipment and to install your new CenturyLink modem When your new modem arrives, it will contain instructions for how to complete installation using the app – The app is great for all customers to manage your service and account

Will CenturyLink let me use my own modem?

If you are using a non-CenturyLink modem, you will need to chat with us to get credentials (PPoE, vpi/vci, and password), which you will manually enter to your modem using the GUI You won’t be able to connect your modem without these credentials

Can I replace CenturyLink modem with my own? Yes, you can replace the CenturyLink modem with your own but you will have to make sure that the new device will be compatible with the CenturyLink services How much does a CenturyLink Modem cost? The price varies, depending on whether you are leasing the modem or purchasing

Do you have to pay for modem with CenturyLink?

With a leased modem, repair and/or replacement coverage is automatically included in the cost of the lease, which is typically between $10 and $15 per month

Does CenturyLink provide a router?

CenturyLink’s all-in-one modem/router, referred to as a gateway, allows you to connect your WiFi-enabled devices to the internet without additional equipment

Modem options

Lease $15/month Newer models include Secure WiFi
Purchase $150 – $200 Includes 12-month warranty for repair or replacement

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