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Is Clarksville TN safe?

  1. The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Clarksville is 1 in 36
  2. Based on FBI crime data, Clarksville is not one of the safest communities in America
  3. Relative to Tennessee, Clarksville has a crime rate that is higher than 77% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes

Simultaneously, Where is the safest place to live in Tennessee? 88% Below National Crime Rate Church Hill comes in first as the safest city in Tennessee, according to the FBI database Located about 80 miles northeast of Knoxville, Church Hill offers beautiful small-town living while still being convenient to urban areas

Is Knoxville TN safe? According to alarmsorg, Knoxville is one of the 10 least safe cities in Tennessee, with crime rates comparable to Chattanooga and Kingsport

Is Jackson TN safe?

Jackson is the second most dangerous metro area in Tennessee and one of the most dangerous nationwide A total of 1,115 violent crimes were reported in the metro area in 2020, or 625 for every 100,000 people

Truly, What city in Tennessee has the most crime? The city of Memphis has long been considered one of the most unsafe cities in the state of Tennessee, though it has gotten quite a bit better in recent years The FBI reported 12,674 violent crimes in the year 2018, which makes it significantly the most violent city in Tennessee

What is safest US state?

Safest states, ranked

Violent crimes score Total score
1 New Jersey 151 716
2 New Hampshire 163 680
3 Rhode Island 142 663
4 Maine 173 660

• Apr 11, 2022

What is the cheapest and safest place to live in Tennessee? The 5 Most Affordable Places to Live in Tennessee

  • Murfreesboro
  • Smyrna
  • Johnson City
  • Clarksville
  • Chattanooga

What is the safest county in Kentucky? Kentucky’s safest city is Somerset, a small city in Pulaski County that achieved a terrific 108 safety score

Safest Cities in Kentucky, 2019

Rank City Safety Index
1 Somerset 108
2 Madisonville 073
3 Lawrenceburg 05
4 Fort Thomas 043

Where is the best place to live in Kentucky?

A new report says that Fort Thomas is the best place to live in Kentucky It wasn’t the only local city to make the list

The top 10 best places to live in Kentucky for 2020 are:

  • Villa Hills
  • Fort Mitchell
  • Wilmore
  • Fort Wright
  • Cold Spring
  • Bellevue
  • Jeffersontown
  • Douglas Hills

What is the poorest county in Kentucky? Kentucky: McCreary County McCreary County is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest in southern Kentucky along the Tennessee state border The only county nationwide where most households earn less than $20,000 a year, McCreary is the poorest county in both Kentucky and the United States

What is the safest part of Kentucky to live?

Here are the 10 Safest Cities in Kentucky for 2022

  • Prospect
  • Edgewood
  • Fort Thomas
  • Flatwoods
  • Villa Hills
  • Lakeside Park-Crestview Hills
  • Independence
  • Lawrenceburg

What is the prettiest county in Kentucky? Whether you choose to explore this lovely county by trail, kayak or even simply with a long, scenic drive, you’ll love your time spent in McCreary County Kentucky is beautiful and McCreary County is its crowning jewel

Where is the cheapest place to live in Kentucky?

9 Most Affordable Cities in Kentucky in 2021

  • Middlesboro
  • Ashland
  • Glasgow
  • Somerset
  • Shively
  • Henderson
  • Madisonville
  • Owensboro

What is the best small town to live in in Kentucky?

Murray Murray, one of the most charming towns in Southern Kentucky, was named “Friendliest Small Town in America” by USA Today

Does Kentucky tax Social Security? Yes, Kentucky is fairly tax-friendly for retirees As is mentioned in the prior section, it does not tax Social Security income Other forms of retirement income (pension income, 401(k) or IRA income) are exempt up to a total of $31,110 per person The state’s sales tax rate is 6%

Where in Kentucky is safe? Kentucky is a very safe state, overall The Bluegrass State logged a violent crime rate of 226 per 1,000 and a property crime rate of 2129, both of which are below the national averages

Safest Cities in Kentucky, 2019

Rank City Safety Index
1 Somerset 108
2 Madisonville 073
3 Lawrenceburg 05
4 Fort Thomas 043

Is Kentucky a safe state?

The crime rate for the entire state of Kentucky is 226 per 1,000, which makes it a fairly safe place to be There are still certain risks involved in traveling here, so it’s best if you know what they are before you come here just to be on the safer side

What city has the lowest crime rate? Frisco, TX With just over 200,000 residents, Frisco is the safest city in America according to our metrics Located approximately 30 miles north of Dallas, Frisco has the fifth-lowest violent crime rate across our study, with 86 violent crimes reported per 100,000 residents

Which state has the lowest crime rate?

Maine gets the best score of all states for violent crime per capita, which is the most important factor in our rankings and counts twice as much as each of the other three There were only 1,466 violent crimes reported in Maine in 2020, or 1086 for every 100,000 people

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