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What are bulk services?

  1. External Services – Also commonly known as Bulk Services
  2. Engineering services being the responsibility of the Local Municipality to provide
  3. Include water reservoirs and distribution networks, electrical installations and distribution networks, sewerage treatment works and mains, roads and storm water

What is bulk cable and Internet? WHAT IS A “BULK CABLE & INTERNET CONTRACT”? First, you need to understand what’s meant by a bulk cable and internet contract Put simply, this is an agreement between an HOA or condominium association and a company for delivering cable and internet services to everyone who is a member of the community

For instance, What’s a bulk?

: a large mass in bulk 1 : not divided into parts or packaged in separate units 2 : in large quantities

What is a bulk account? Bulk Account means an agreement between the Company or any of its wholly-owned Subsidiaries and the owner of a multiple residential dwelling or other property for the provision of cable service at a discounted or bulk rate to such multiple residential dwelling or other property

Accordingly, What is the bulk of a building?

Building bulk or “building volume” means the total amount of three-dimensional space occupied by a building (

What is bulk example?

The definition of bulk is a large portion, great size or big volume An example of bulk is the overall size of a large football player

What type of business is bulk? Bulk Business means the businesses of the Seller and its Affiliates of producing, refining, distributing, marketing, selling and/or supplying, manufacturing, purchasing, preparing, purifying, transfilling, storing and packaging all gases and chemicals in vessels other than Containers and other related applications or

What is bulk in business? In the context of purchasing, the term refers to buying something in large quantities In such cases, the purchaser manages to acquire whatever it is for a lower than normal unit price, ie, at a discount If a customer buys something in bulk, the supplier logically sells it in the same way

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