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What is a geeky personality?

The word geek is a slang term originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people; in current use, the word typically connotes an expert or enthusiast obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit.

How do you know if someone is a geek?

– Are You Incredibly Loyal To What You Love? …
– Do You See Yourself As Distinct From The Rest? …
– Do You Tend to Be ‘Ethnocentric’? …
– Do you Lose Yourself Easily In Your Obsession? …
– Do You Have An Insatiable Need to Know Everything? …
– Do You Take Pride In Your Expertise? …
– Do you Have a Niche Within Your Passion?

Whats the difference between nerds and geeks?

Geeks are collection oriented, gathering facts and mementos related to their subject of interest. They are obsessed with the newest, coolest, trendiest things that their subject has to offer. Nerd – A studious intellectual, although again of a particular topic or field.

Are nerds and geeks the same thing?

The words “nerd” and “geek” are often used interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. They actually don’t: geek – An enthusiast of a particular topic or field. … The distinction is that geeks are fans of their subjects, and nerds are practitioners of them.” In order to clarify those differences, he made this map.

What considered geeky?

The word geek is a slang term originally used to describe eccentric or non-mainstream people; in current use, the word typically connotes an expert or enthusiast obsessed with a hobby or intellectual pursuit.

Are gamers geeks or nerds?

Gamers can be nerds, gamers can be geeks, and geeks can be nerds. It’s all about who’s judging the person and what they know about them. A gamer is a person who likes games. A nerd is a person with little to no social skills.

What’s a geek hobby?

You’ll find things like the top video games, trading card games, the best board games, miniatures, and so on. Heck, you may even find nerd hobbies you’ve never heard of before. … So if you consider yourself a geek, nerd, or something in between the two, then vote for your favorite nerdy hobbies.

What do geeks look like?

A nerd, in the traditional sense, is usually extremely smart, often shy, often socially awkward or inept. In movies, they are typically portrayed as wearing dress trousers and button-down shirts all the time, awkwardly styled hair (usually an outdated style), and thick glasses with heavy rims.

What’s the difference between nerds geeks and dorks?

A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia. A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one. A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.

Are gamers considered nerds?

There’s a vast difference between “gamers” and “nerds” although alot of people just generalize. Gamers are people who like to game, and they won’t neccessarily have a sharp mind. Nerds are generally extremely intelligent, and if we’ve learned anything from trade chat, this is not the case with most of the WoW populace.

How do you know you are a geek?

One thing that could potentially distinguish geeks from the rest of the people is their undying commitment to the things they love, be it gaming, high-tech gadgets or comics. … If you have that something which your life revolves around, you’re closer to being a geek than you think.

Are gamers nerds or geeks?

A gamer is someone who plays games. A nerd is a person who is extremely socially inept and is usually smart. Choosing to spend their time reading and science-ing alone. A geek is similar to a nerd, but a little different.

Do nerds like video games?

Lots of competitive people who are into playing video games generally compete or competed in sports and other non nerdy hobbies. … Many nerds are excellent gamers because gamers tend to be nerd and we play a lot of games. That being said there are main types of nerds and many of them aren’t so good at gaming.

Is nerd a compliment or insult?

Additionally, many so-called nerds are described as being shy, quirky, pedantic, and unattractive. Originally derogatory, the term “nerd” was a stereotype, but as with other pejoratives, it has been reclaimed and redefined by some as a term of pride and group identity.

Is it bad to like video games?

While there can be some benefits to playing video games, both on behavior and brain health, it’s not a risk-free hobby. Playing games for an extended period of time on a regular basis isn’t good for your physical health and can possibly hinder your social skills.

Is nerd a compliment?

Calling someone a nerd can be a compliment or a dis, depending on the person and context. … Dweeb is “wimp; a stupid or uninteresting person.”

Is it OK to call someone a nerd?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of “nerd” is “an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits“. It’s slang to call someone smart, ugly, and a social mess.

Is dork and nerd the same thing?

A nerd is someone who is obsessed with something specific to an annoying degree, a nerd has poor social skills and is generally regarded with disdain. … Soon after, nerd became teenage slang for over-studious social outcasts. A dork is someone who is socially awkward, fashion-challenged, uncool, stupid.

What does geek hobby mean?

Being geeky means being passionate about certain things, and video games are usually somewhere at the top of a geek’s list of hobbies. I just couldn’t imagine a more immersive way to spend your free time.

Does playing video games make you a nerd?

Originally Answered: Does playing video games make you a nerd? No. I do not see any relation with being a nerd and playing video games. … Second, people who play video games rarely spend too much time studying, or they at least make up for the time spent studying with another activity(such as gaming).

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