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What is Lightfall in Crescent City?

  1. Lightfall, sometimes referred to as Lightfall squadron, is an elite unit of the larger rebel organization Ophion

Who is Hunt’s father Crescent City? Hunt’s father was the King of Hel There are numerous things throughout the book that led to me suspecting this Firstly, it’s revealed in chapter 9 that Hunt’s real name is Orion, who was a great hunter and also the son of Poseidon in Greek mythology

For instance, Who is Ruhn’s mate?

Tristan Flynn They work together at the Aux

Is Sofie Renast alive? Sophie and Emile Renast, the Thunderbirds The disappointing part was that in the end, Sophie really did die in the prologue, and Emile wasn’t a thunderbird at all, making him all but useless to anyone

Accordingly, Who is Aidas Crescent City?

Aidas, the Prince of the Chasm, is a powerful demon and one of the seven Princes of Hel He occupies the fifth level of Hel

Who is Bryce’s mate Crescent City?

During her investigation into Danika’s death on behalf of Micah Domitus, Bryce grew close and began a relationship with Orion “Hunt” Athalar

Who is Danika Fendyr mate? Baxian Argos Unknown to most, Danika and Baxian were mates

Does Hunt lose his wings? He refuses to kill Hunt but does cut off his wings The experience is agonizing, though they grow back in weeks At the meeting, Bryce admits she made a bargain with the Under-King, trading her eternal resting place in the Bone Quarter for Danika’s assured passage, unwilling to risk the chance she wouldn’t make it

How is Bryce heir to the starborn Fae?

Bryce then receives power from the 7 gates of Lunathion which held droplets of power from every creature who ever used them and is revealed to have more power than her father, the King of the Valbaran Fae She is also the strongest Starborn Fae anyone has seen in centuries

How did Micah blackmail Danika? Micah blackmailed Danika into stealing the Horn However, Danika did not trust Micah, so she did not give him the Horn after stealing it Instead, she crushed the Horn and mixed it with ink and then convinced Bryce to get drunk get a tattoo using the Horn-infused ink on Bryce’s back

Is Bryce related to Rhysand?

Her father is Rhysand and her mother is Feyre Archeron

Are Crescent City and Acotar connected? Later books in the ACOTAR series are set to crossover with the Crescent City series, and while we have yet to see exactly what this will entail, fans are already hyped A Court of Thorns and Roses is currently being adapted for television by Hulu

Why did Danika take synth?

Micah Domitus leaked the Synth on to the street as a recreational party drug He also went to Danika and Bryce’s Apartment where the Pack of Devils was at the time, and used his magic to disable them He then injected Danika with Synth, which caused Danika to rip her pack apart before turning on herself

Why did Micah want the horn?

The Horn was broken so that its power could no longer be used Micah wanted the Horn so that he could summon an army to decimate the human rebels

What chapter do Bryce and Hunt sleep together? Ruhn tells Bryce that Ithan can come stay with him rather than her Chapter 13 – Hunt sleeps in her bed that night, rather than Ithan

Are Bryce and Hunt mates? In House of Sky and Breath, Bryce’s story is still very much center stage, as is her romantic relationship with former Fallen angel Hunt Athalar (And trust me, when Maas said this sequel is “steamier” than its predecessor she was very much not kidding

What is Pangera in Crescent City?

Pangera is across the Haldren Sea from Valbara Besides the Eternal City, Pangera is the location of the Asteri’s death camps Their most notorious one is Kavalla The Bracchus is another death camp located in the north of Pangera where elders are sent to be executed and buried in mass graves

Is Emile a Thunderbird? Trivia Emile has distant thunderbird ancestry, but unlike his sister, Emile does not appear to possess any thunderbird abilities and seems to be completely human

Who is Rhysand Crescent City?

Rhysand (pronounced Ree-sand) is the most powerful High Lord in history and the current ruler of the Night Court, alongside Feyre Archeron He is incredibly handsome and appears to be arrogant, careless, and cold at first He meets Feyre when he saves her from three faeries at Calanmai

Who does Bryce Quinlan end up with? Bryce stated that she knew Hunt was her friend ever since he pulled out Jelly Jubilee Their romantic relationship developed, and when Hunt was thought to have been dying, Bryce told him she loves him before making the Drop

Is Danika a werewolf?

Danika was one of the most powerful shapeshifters in the city She was the granddaughter of the Prime of the Wolves, and she would have had a sea of power that would have succeeded that of the Prime Apparent, her mother Sabine, if she had not died before making the Drop

What is Valbara in Crescent City? The name Valbara could be a reference to the prehistoric supercontinent known as Vaalbara, which existed between 27 and 36 billion years ago, making it the Earth’s earliest known supercontinent It contained land that now exists in present day southern Africa and western Australia

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