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Why is MyResNet not working?

  1. What should I do?
  2. Reboot your device
  3. Verify that your device does not have a saved username and password that is used to connect to a different network
  4. Check the settings on your device

Where do you find a MAC address on a laptop? Mac OS X

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Network
  3. In the left-hand pane, select the name of the network to which you are currently connected
  4. Click Advanced in the lower right corner
  5. At the bottom of the windows, the device’s MAC address will be listed next to “Wi-Fi address”

For instance, Where can I find MAC address?


  1. Select Apple menu > System Preferences
  2. Click Network
  3. Click the network you would like to view the MAC address for
  4. Click Advanced
  5. Click Hardware
  6. The MAC address is listed below

Where can I find the MAC address on my Dell laptop? To locate the MAC address of a NIC in Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Open a command prompt (
  2. At the prompt in the open command Window: Type getmac /v: The MAC address, labeled “Physical Address,” will be displayed in the form xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx:

Accordingly, How do I find my HP wireless printer password on my iPhone?

Whats is my MAC address?

From Home, tap Menu > Settings > About Phone/Device Tap either Status or Hardware Information Scroll down to WiFi MAC address

How many MAC addresses does a laptop have? While most desktop computers have only one MAC address for the wired network card, most laptops should have two MAC addresses–one for the wireless network card and one for the wired network card It is important that both wired and wireless MAC addresses be recorded

How do I find the MAC address on my laptop without logging in? The quickest way to find the MAC address is through the command prompt

  1. Open the command prompt
  2. Type in ipconfig /all and press Enter
  3. Find your adapter’s physical address
  4. Search “View network status and tasks” in the taskbar and click on it (
  5. Click on your network connection
  6. Click the “Details” button

Why is Myresnet not working?

What should I do? Reboot your device Verify that your device does not have a saved username and password that is used to connect to a different network Check the settings on your device

How do I get my printer to connect wirelessly?

Where can I find the MAC address on my HP laptop?

Windows 10

  1. Right-click on the Start button and select Command Prompt from the menu
  2. Type in “ipconfig /all” and press Enter Your network configurations will display
  3. Scroll down to your network adapter and look for the values next to “Physical Address,” which is your MAC address OR Windows 10

Why is my computer not finding my wireless printer? Sometimes the printer may not be connected to the network, or your computer’s firewall might be blocking the printer Also, if the printer is shared through another computer on the network, the settings on that computer may need to be modified

Why can’t my laptop find my printer?

be a hardware issue with the router or computer Turn off the router and the printer, and then turn them back on in this order: router first and then printer Sometimes, turning off devices and then turning them back on helps resolve network communication issues

How can I connect my printer to my laptop?

Add a printer to your laptop on Windows 10

  1. Turn on your printer
  2. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and click the Settings button
  3. Select Devices
  4. Select Printers & scanners, then click Add a printer or scanner
  5. Select the printer you want and click Add device

How do I connect to ResNet Wi-Fi? WiFi

  1. In your Hall of Residence, search for the ‘ResNet’ WiFi network on your device
  2. Join it using the exact password generated for that device on the device portal
  3. If the registered MAC address and password match, the device should be connected to the ‘ResNet’ WiFi

What is RESNET Wi-Fi? ResNet stands for Residential Networks and is the internet service for University Residences that allows you to connect your personal devices to the campus network, either wirelessly with PAL3 0 or by using an industry standard Ethernet connection

How do I connect to RESNET Ethernet?

Connecting your wired device on ResNet can be done in two easy steps First, connect your device to a wired data jack in your room Then, register it for access


  1. On the main menu, select Settings, then General, then Network
  2. Find the “Ethernet Address” or “Hardware Address”
  3. Register your device here

How do I connect to RESNET as a guest?

  1. Connect to the Guest Network When connecting to the ResNet network wirelessly, please use “RESNET-GUEST-DEVICE”
  2. Enter the network key Once connected to the network, you will be prompted to enter a network key
  3. Agree to the Acceptable Use Policy
  4. Ensure your Device is Compliant with Network Policies

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