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Why is RCN becoming Astound?

  1. “It ties in to how proud we are of the service that we deliver to our customers,” Ames said of the new brand
  2. “We thought that the Astound name was a reflection of our aspiration of how we want our customers to consider us”

Simultaneously, Did Astound buy RCN? PRINCETON, NJ – November 1, 2021 – Astound Broadband (Astound), the sixth largest US cable operator in the United States that operates leading regional providers RCN, Grande, Wave, and enTouch has completed the acquisition of the broadband systems of WideOpenWest, Inc

Who is Astound Broadband owned by? It was formed on January 24, 2018, with the completion of the $236 billion purchase of Kirkland-based Wave Broadband by private-equity firm TPG Capital

Astound Broadband

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Princeton, New Jersey , United States
Services Broadband Internet Voice over IP Cable television
Parent Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners

Did wave get bought out?

On May 22, 2017, it was announced that Wave was to be acquired by TPG Capital for $236 billion Wave Broadband was combined with RCN Grande, two other cable/internet companies controlled by TPG Capital

Truly, Is Grande now Astound? Grande Communications and other regional internet, TV and phone service providers announced Wednesday that they are rebranding as Astound Broadband, effective immediately

Is WOW now RCN?

As you know, in 2021 RCN acquired the WOW! and Broadstripe powered by WOW! broadband networks that provide your Internet, TV, and Phone services in the areas Chicago, Northwest, IN, Evansville, IN, and Anne Arundel County, MD

Is Wave Broadband now Astound? Astound Broadband’s West Coast operations, which trace their roots to the founding of Wave Broadband in the Seattle area nearly two decades ago, will be known as “Astound Broadband powered by Wave” Wave Business will become “Astound Business Solutions”

Is Wave now Astound? The sixth largest broadband provider in the US is rebranding, announcing its regional offshoots RCN, Grande, Wave Broadband, enTouch and Digital West will all unite under the Astound Broadband name starting Wednesday Until now, each ISP has operated under its own brand name

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