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Why is Waipio Valley closed?

  1. The decision was based on a geotechnical assessment, which recommended the immediate need to mitigate the threat of rockfalls and slope instability
  2. “The plan is to get this road fixed as quickly as possible so people can get down to the valley in a safe manner,” said Roth

Simultaneously, Can you swim in Waipio Valley? The waters in the beach can be rough and they have been known to pose a huge challenge (in the form of strong currents and undertow) to even the most experienced swimmers Also, there are no lifeguards around so it would be wise to stay away from the water unless it is calm

Can you still visit Waipio Valley? You can view the valley from the coastal Waipio Valley Overlook at the end of the Hamakua Heritage Corridor drive, The County of Hawaii issued an Emergency Rule announcing the closure of Waipio Valley Road to visitors as a precautionary safety measure and to further assess and mitigate the road’s conditions, effective

Who owns Waipio Valley?

About 95 percent of the valley is owned by either the Bishop Estate or the Kamehameha Schools, both dedicated to preserving it in its undeveloped form

Truly, How long is Akaka Falls hike? ʻAkaka Falls Loop Trail

Trail Length 04 mile loop
Difficulty Easy
Terrain Lush, Tropical
Elevation Gain 100 ft
Park Name ʻAkaka Falls State Park

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Who lives in Waipio Valley?

Today only about 50 people live in the Waipio Valley These are taro farmers, fishermen, and others who are reluctant to leave their simple lifestyle

Can you still hike into Waipio Valley? INDEFINITE CLOSURE: as of February, 2022, the road leading to this trailhead, Wai’po Valley Road, is closed indefinitely Wai’po Valley Road is also part of the trail route, and it is also closed to pedestrian traffic

How far is the hike down to Waipio Valley? The Hike down into Waipi’o Valley is one of our top-5 short hikes in Hawaii This hike will take you from the overlook into the valley, to the black sand beach, and back up The total length of this hike is ~65 miles including lots of vertical meters and is not for the faint of heart

Do you need 4×4 for Waipio Valley?

To get down to the valley floor you must either have your own 4WD car, or be willing to pay for a tour, hike down, or hitchhike down If you do decide to drive yourself please only do so in a true 4WD car (no AWD) and only if you are comfortable driving on steep and narrow roads with traffic (both ways!)

Can you drive to Waipio Valley Lookout? Waipio Valley Lookout If you head to Waipio Valley, you will definitely see this You can drive to this with a regular car There is a parking area right near the lookout, and from there it’s a short walk to the lookout for the stunning famous Big Island valley views from above

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