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Does Sonic Internet need a modem?
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Does Sonic Internet need a modem?

  1. Your fiber connection will not require a modem, sonic will install an optical network terminal or ONT
  2. This will convert the fiber cable from the exterior transition box to an RJ-45 cable (a basic Ethernet cable such as you currently use to connect wired devices to your router)

Next, Does Sonic have unlimited internet? Great home internet with no contracts Sonic’s internet is unlimited and uncapped No matter how we deliver internet to your address, we’ll run the connection at its maximum possible speed

How is Sonic Internet installed?

Subsequently, Can I use any router with Sonic? Yes A variety of routers, ranging from SOHO models available at retail computer-goods stores to enterprise-grade routers created for heavy network use will function with Sonic broadband and dialup access

What kind of router does Sonic use? Sonic Gigabit Fiber utilizes an Adtran 411 as the ONT solution, it provides modem functionality as well as a POTS (plain old telephone service) phone jack

Is Sonic faster than Comcast?

Who has faster speeds — Xfinity or Sonic? While Xfinity and Sonic are providers that offer gigabit download speeds, Xfinity’s speeds reach up to 3 Gbps; the latter provider reaches 10 Gbps

How does Sonic fiber Internet work? Sonic Fiber utilizes fiber-optic technology that uses light to transmit data as opposed to legacy technologies (typically delivered over copper phone lines) A Sonic Fiber connection enables your home for the fastest and most reliable connectivity technology available

Do you have to rent modem with Sonic? Fusion IP Broadband residential service includes a mandatory equipment fee for the modem/router and the analog telephone adapter A shipping fee applies for return of the equipment Customer may not use their own modem/router for Fusion IP Broadband

How do I connect to Sonic internet?

Windows Setup

  1. If you’re using a Windows device, click on the wireless icon located in your System Tray, at the bottom right hand corner of your screen (pictured right)
  2. You’ll be prompted to enter a network security key
  3. After entering your wireless key, click Next
  4. That’s it!

What’s the fastest cheapest Internet? Who has the fastest and cheapest Internet? Spectrum Internet has the fastest cheap internet after its recent increase from 200 Mbps to 300 Mbps download speeds It’s available for just $4999 per month, which is great considering its competitors like Verizon charge that much for only 200 Mbps

How long does it take to install Sonic Internet?

How long does a typical installation take? – An installation can take up to four hours But most installations only require about 90 minutes to complete

How do you get fiber from Sonic? Pre-ordering allows us to create your Sonic account now so we can call you to schedule an installation as soon as Gigabit Fiber Internet is available at your address You will be first in line when fiber comes to your area We’ll also send you periodic update emails along the way

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