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10 plus 3 milestones in the history of Instagram on its tenth anniversary (and some extras)

Instagram has turned ten years old. One of the most influential social networks on the planet, in fierce competition with incorporations like the TikTok that is increasingly being pursued by the US authorities, is over ten years old and what better time than now to review its main milestones.

Let’s talk about when the social network was born, who its creators were, who when he uploaded his first picture or when key features for it came in at this time such as its direct messages, its stories or its recent Reels. Thirteen key moments, and some extras, which we tell you about below.

The chronology of the most important moments in the history of Instagram

From its origins to the day this article is published, let us review in chronological order the most important moments in the history of Instagram. Interestingly, we do not start with its arrival to the mobiles but with its first photograph. Well, before publication, there was evidence.

First picture: 16 July 2010

Systrom Dog Kevin Systrom’s dog

With the social network still under construction and testing, Kevin Systrom posted what will be, forever, the first photograph in the history of Instagram. Systrom hung up a photograph of your dog taken in Mexico and retouched with the X-PRO2 filter, one of the most popular on the net at its origins.

Official launch: 6 October 2010


It was this date, and no other, that the Instagram team chose for its official launch. The app, conceived and created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger saw the light of day on the iOS App Store. None of them knew for sure that their app was going to revolutionize the world of mobile photography forever.

Hashtags: January 2011


Shortly after, with the application running and new additions to the team such as Josh Rieden, Shayne Sweeney and Jessica Zollman, Instagram decided to add the #hashtags to its functionality. From that point on, users could add relevant tags to their photos to be located in specific searches.

Arrival at Android: April 3, 2012


About a year and a half after its release on the iOS app store, Instagram was also born for the Android ecosystem. The app was so eagerly awaited that more than 400,000 people signed up to be notified when it was released, and over 1 million people downloaded it in the first 24 hours since its appearance in the Google Play Store.

Sold to Facebook: April 9, 2012

Facebook buys Instagram

Just six days after its appearance on Android, Instagram’s team made a big splash that shook the foundations of the current technology and social networking marketplace. Facebook had bought Instagram for $1 billion. At the time, the application had already achieved over 30 million users on iOS and was already over 2 million users on Android.

100 million users: September 2012

100 million users

Instagram officially exceeds 100 million of users around the world. This was confirmed by its then owner, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. Just six months earlier, in March, Instagram had reached 27 million registered users, showing a very significant growth curve in just half a year.

Instagram comes to the browser: November 2012


Although Instagram was until then an app available only for mobile phones (and still is today with some exceptions), the display of photos and profiles came on the web in November 2012. You could already see the images from any browser on any device, which increased its popularity.

Instagram Direct: December 2013


Another key moment in Instagram’s history comes in December 2013. The social network then announces the arrival of its direct messages. The year ended and Instagram finally released its Instagram Direct, which allowed not only text messaging but also photos. Direct would grow over timeallowing you to share locations, hashtags and so on. In November 2016 the ephemeral messages would arrive.

Goodbye Foursquare, hello Facebook: March 2014


As part of the integration of the rest of the Facebook services into Instagram, which was not yet complete in 2014, the step of replace Foursquare with Facebook Places. The locations and names were no longer extracted via Foursquare’s API, which was a very popular service at the time, but rather via its parent service, Facebook.

Stories come to Instagram: August 2016


As part of its direct fight against Snapchat, Instagram has never hesitated to incorporate everything that worked for its competition into its service, and in August 2016 the stories came. Small videos or photos with effects that disappeared in 24 hours and who today practically monopolize the use of the social network. In November of the same year, Instagram stories incorporated live broadcasts.

Eleven tricks from Instagram Stories to get the most out of it

1 billion users: June 2018


Another important milestone in the growth of the Instagram community was reached in June 2018. Facebook then announced that they had already exceeded the 1 billion users on the social network, and that there were over 400 million active users in their stories.

Reels to knock out TikTok: July 2020


Instagram’s last major development, so far, landed last July 2020. Just as the stories came to Instagram to combat Snapchat directly, the arrival of Reels meant the counterattack on TikTok’s global growth. The short videos arrived with reusable audios and various effects. One month after its launch, Reels would expand to a total of 50 countries. And in addition.

Tenth anniversary: 6 October 2020

Taking advantage of the tenth anniversary Since the launch of its app and service, Instagram announced a number of new features such as the possibility of choosing the icon that each user wants (here the tutorial to do it in iOS, and here the Android) of all employees by the network throughout its ten years of life, with some incorporation. Tabmién arrived the map of the history archive, reminding us where each one of them was recorded, or the new protection against offensive comments.

Some extra data

  • The user most often of Instagram at the moment is Cristiano Ronaldo, with 233 million followers. Behind him is Ariana Grande with 203 million and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with 200 million.
  • The photograph with the most “I like” of the network is still an egg. Specifically, the @World eggRecordEgg. It currently has 54.9 million “likes”.
  • The three most used filters of Instagram are Gingham, Clarendon and Juno.

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