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10 things you can do besides sending messages

Despite not having as many users as the most popular messaging apps on the market, the truth is that Telegram has become a sort of bastion of resistance among those fleeing Facebook services, with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger leading the way. The app has received a lot of support and has evolved over time until it is really complete.

In fact, perhaps Telegram’s greatest strength lies in its versatility, beyond its options for security, usability, and other features. With Telegram you can do much more than just chat or send voice messages, and we will try to discover for you what we think is most useful. How to use it as your private cloud storagewith all the advantages that this brings.

Transfer files and documents from one device to another


You have a video file on your computer and you want it on your mobile, or it’s the other way around, or maybe we’re talking about text documents, audio documents or just photographs. It doesn’t matter what you want to transport from one place to another because with Telegram you can do it easily. All you need to do is send that file to the chat Saved Messages and you will have it available at all open sessions of your Telegram, whatever device they are on.

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Store files and documents in the cloud


And just as you can use Saved Messages chat to pass files from one device to another, you can use the same chat to store them indefinitely. Everything in Saved Messages will stay there foreveror at least until you decide to delete the message it is attached to or empty the entire chat. Saved Messages is a perfect cloud file and learning how to take advantage of it is more than useful.

Use Telegram as an unlimited music player


Have we told you about uploading files to Saved Messages so that they are always located and at hand? Well, it works with your audio files, your music or your podcasts too. All you have to do is upload the MP3s you have on your device to the chat and that’s it, you’ll have the music there to play from the Telegram player which, it has to be said, has evolved to be really complete. Your own personal Spotify, on Telegram.

Create a miniblog with Telegraph


Perhaps personal blogs are no longer in fashion, or at least that’s what it seems as countless alternatives have emerged in countless formats, but with Telegram we can have one as soon as we want. Just go to the Telegraph, the service of microblogging Telegram and start writing. It will take a minute to set it up and we can start posting to it, sharing the content with our contacts, groups or mailing lists.

Use Telegram to play


One of Telegram’s most powerful features is probably one of the platform’s least known. Bots offer us infinite possibilities but there are some that stand out above the rest, such as the bots that allow us to play without leaving Telegram. Simply invoke bots such as @gamebot or @gamee so that we can start playing individual, and sometimes competitive, games. Find the game you like best and give it a go.

Use Telegram as a calculator


We’ve already told you that there are bots to play with, but the truth is that there are bots for just about anything you can think of. To call GIFs that we will insert in our conversations, for example, or to help us make calculations. Just because, @calcubot is a calculator bot that we can invoke at any time from any chat room we are in.

Have Telegram translate texts for you


Here is the latest use for the Telegram bots we have selected for this collection of extra service features. Let’s talk about @ytranslatebotA bot that we can call upon whenever we are in doubt about translating a word, a sentence or a whole text. All we have to do is tell it what language it should be converted from and it will transform the text before our eyes. Very useful if you have international conversations, and even for learning English.

Edit photos and videos in Telegram


It is true that with Telegram we can send videos and photos to our contacts, or directly store them in the Saved Messages chat for when we want to access them, but it is less known that with Telegram we can edit them. Add effects, stickers, paint over them, cut, stretch. We can do many things with the video and photo editors integrated in Telegramand then we can send those videos anywhere we want, inside or outside the messaging app. Very useful to have a quick editor at hand if we don’t want to install additional apps on the phone.

He uses Telegram as our private notebook


Or as a personal diary, let everyone use it as they wish. But the truth is that the Saved Messages chat is so useful that it also allows us to directly store text. If we need to save something for a certain time, or record a moment that we want to capture in black on white, open the Saved Messages chat and write. And like the rest of the data you save there, it will be available forever.

Call in


Telegram may not yet have video calls, although the function is already being tested, but it has long had the ability to make phone calls. Just deploy the three vertical points at the top right in any individual chat and select “Call”. It’s as simple as that. And without giving the phone number to anyone, we can talk to the other person via Telegram.

Do you have other features that are this practical for using Telegram beyond chatting or sending stickers? Leave them in comments and we will add them to our list, and thus build a much more complete compilation of extra Telegram features that are always useful to know.

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