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17 games and tools that Google has hidden in your mobile search engine

Along these years Google has been integrating games and tools in your browser, thus allowing us to have access to games such as solitaire or tools such as a bubble level without having to install additional applications on our mobile, but these games and tools are hidden.

Next we will review 17 games and tools that the Google search engine has hidden In the search engine of our mobile, seeing that the search term must be entered to activate them and their main characteristics.


Games and toys



To play the popular single player card game we just have to search ‘Lonely’. This quest will give us access to the card game. This version of solitaire offers us two levels of difficulty.



Searching ‘Minesweeper’ We can play the classic game that Microsoft made very popular by integrating it into Windows in 1992. The Google version offers us three levels of difficulty.

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From the Google search engine we also have access to the famous snake game. Looking for ‘Snake’ we can play this game popularized by Nokia on our mobile.


Pac man

Searching for ‘Pacman’, ‘Pac-man’ or ‘Comecocos’ in Google we can play the famous and classic Namco arcade, with a special version that Google launched in 2010 to celebrate its 30th anniversary at that time. In this version we will play on a stage with the Google letters.


Tic tac toe

The tic-tac-toe could not be missing in the collection of classic games of the Google search engine. Searching for ‘tic-tac-toe’ or ‘tic-tac-toe’ we will access this popular game with which we will compete against the machine.

Throw a spinning top


Looking to ‘throw a spinning top’ we access a typical Jewish game called Dreidel. It is a game for several players, in which they add pieces or any object in the center of the table (well) and turning the four-sided spinning top they have to perform an action. The symbols Nun (the player does nothing), Gimel (the player takes everything from the pot), Hei (the player receives half of the pot’s pieces, Shin or Pei (the player adds a game piece to the pot). Wikipedia is the rules of the game.

Animal sound

Animal Sound

The Google search engine allows us hear the sound of 57 animals To do this, we just have to search for ‘what does the …’ next to the name of an animal. An access to the Animal sounds where we can hear each of the sounds of the supported animals.

What animal are you?

What animal are you

Searching ‘Earth Day Quiz’ We access a small test that Google launched in 2015 on the occasion of Earth Day. Through a few simple questions we can know what animal are we.

Fun facts

Fun facts

Searching ‘Fun facts’ the Google search engine will return that as the main result, a curious fact. Of course, this feature at the moment continues to show the results in English.




Looking for the word ‘Spinner’ we can access a roulette that we can customize your size (number of numbers) or activate the famous finger spinner to play from the screen of our mobile.

Roll a dice

Roll a dice

If we can’t find a dice at home, we can search ‘Roll a dice’ in the Google search engine so that you can throw a dice virtually from your mobile. The Google search engine allows us to roll dice of various sizes or write the maximum value for draw a number at random.

Flip a coin

Coin Throw

We can also ‘throw a coin’ to see on the screen of our mobile if it comes up heads or tails, so we no longer have to look in our wallet if we have a coin to toss it.



If we have to indicate the tempo or pulse of a musical composition we can search ‘Metronome’ to activate this tool in the Google search engine. There we can adjust the PPM to hear the beats of the metronome at the desired rhythm.



Although all mobiles come with calculator integrated, the Google search engine allows us to access its own scientific calculator. To activate it we just have to search for ‘Calculator’.

Bubble level

Bubble Level

If you have to install a shelf and do not have a level at hand, searching for ‘level’ or ‘bubble level’ the Google search engine will show you a level that will use the mobile sensors to tell you the inclination of an object.

Color picker

Color Picker

Searching ‘color picker’ you can search for any color. You can move your finger over its color bar or search for a color by entering its values ​​in RGB, CMYK, HSV or HSL.

To meditate

To meditate

Finally, Google hides a tool to to meditate, guiding the rhythm of our inspiration and expiration, but this tool is very hidden and cannot be activated with any search term. To access the meditation you have to first access another game or tool and then display the games and tools menu.

Direct access to all games and tools

Google Games Tools

Google collects each of these games and tools in a menu, but to access it we have to first search for one of these hidden games or tools. When accessing one of its hidden games we will see a drop down that when clicking on it shows us the tabs ‘Games and toys’ and ‘tools’ with the full selection. This way, you will not have to memorize each of the search terms.

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