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a battle royale and a remake of the entire FFVII

a “battle royale” and a remake of the entire FFVII universe

Square Enix just announced two new games from the Final Fantasy VII universe Coming soon to the Android and iOS app stores: Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis and Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a prequel in the form of a “battle royale” for mobiles, while Final Fantasy Ever Crisis compiles into a game the entire timeline of FF VII with improved graphics and gameplay adapted to mobile.

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is a Battle Royale style game whose events take place 30 years before the history of the game. Using all kinds of weapons, magic, summons, and special abilities from the Final Fantasy universe, the game is presented as some kind of Fortnite or PUBG, but from Final Fantasy.

Analysis of Final Fantasy VII Remake, the amazing return of the great classic of the RPG is much more than we thought

There are not many details available yet other than what we can see in the trailer, but it will be mainly a multiplayer game where you can play alone or in teams of three, with a system to level up based on fighting monsters, as in traditional Final Fantasy. The game will arrive on Android and iOS sometime this year.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

For the second game, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, we will have to wait a little longer, since its arrival on Android and iOS is not expected until 2020. Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis brings together in a single game the events of all FF VII games. Namely, Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus, plus new narratives created by the team behind the latest game remake.

It will be a game for monthly episodes which appears to be similar to Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, but based on Final Fantasy VII. The trailer shows us graphics, animations and gameplay improved and adapted to mobile more convincingly than the previous version of FFVII for mobile, which was more of a port without more.

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