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1613613143 a cool YouTube widget for your iPhone desktop

a cool YouTube widget for your iPhone desktop

We are going to tell you about YouWidget, a great YouTube widget for iOS that could well be the official Google one. With the arrival of iOS 14, multiple widgets came to the Apple operating system, including several from Google. Nevertheless, YouTube does not yet have an official widget for iOS, but your alternative is outstanding.

YouWidget is a proposal by the developer James Shaw and allows us have access to relevant information about the YouTube channels that we want, offering data about your videos, our subscriptions, trends and more.

This is how the best YouTube widget for iOS works

Yt widget

YouWidget is a widget for iOS that It has several sizes and contents to show. We can configure it to our liking, linked to our Google so you can find the YouTube channels that we follow and show more personalized suggestions.

The widget has three different themes and various sizes to adjust the content we want to see on the iPhone home screen

At a visual level we can choose between three themes, dark, light and red with the YouTube color palette, quite visual. Within the widget options we can activate different display options, to change the options it shows.

How to create custom widgets in iOS 14 with Widgetsmith

  • Show videos of our subscriptions

  • Show popular videos on YouTube

  • Show videos from a specific channel

If we are content creators we have the option of view channel statistics at a glance. Here we will see both the subscribers and the videos published and the visits of the same. The widget is completely free and has no advertising.



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