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a great app to earn money answering surveys

a great app to earn money answering surveys

Earning money with your mobile is not something easy. There are apps that work quite well, like Google Opinion Rewards, but in this case they only give us credit for Google Play. If we want money in our bank account or PayPal with a secure method, there are not many options.

AttaPoll is one of the few survey apps that works, reaping good ratings on both iOS and Android. You are not going to get rich with this app, but if you play your cards well you can earn a few euros per month for answering surveys.

AttaPoll, a veteran of handing out money with surveys


AttaPoll has been in the app stores for a long time, but it’s not as popular as it could be. Even so, it exceeds one million downloads on Android, with an average rating of 4.2 stars, while on the App Store it has 4.6 stars. It is a simple app that does not take up too much, completely free and without ads.

When we open the app ask us for the phone number. This is used to verify the account by SMS and that it is not possible to log in even if they know our email. Once registered, They will give us three surveys to start developing our profile. It is important to respond well to these surveys, since based on the profile that we believe we will receive surveys of one type or another.

I have listened to the advice of "how to earn money with mobile" a whole month and this is the result

These three initial surveys have a value of 0.13 cents, an amount that will grow as we answer more questions. Within the settings we will see the option to complete our profile with interests. We strongly recommend completing the profile in full since, based on these interests, more or fewer surveys will arrive. The more information the app has about our profile, the more surveys we will receive.

If we have a well complete and elaborate profile, it will not be difficult to receive surveys on a daily basis and earn a few euros on a monthly basis

As we anticipate, nobody is going to get rich answering surveys. They will only give us a few cents for each one we respond to. However, it is not difficult to earn some euros with this method, fast, easy and with notification every time there is a survey. The money can be deposited in PayPal, Revolut, donated or exchanged for gift cards.



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