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a great app to keep a diary of our activities and mood

Without looking for it to sound like Mr. Wonderful, sometimes it is good to stop and think about what makes us happy (such as having time for ourselves) or sad (an entire epidemic today), to try to do more of the first and less of the second, whenever possible. DailyBean is an app that allows us to keep a diary of the activities and emotions of our day, week and month, all in a very visual and striking way.

If you had a calendar view in front of you showing your mood and almost every day was negative, would you do something to change it? It may or may not, but here we are to tell you about this great app, a jewel on a visual level, free and very curious.

Record your activities and emotions, everything goes hand in hand

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DailyBean is an app that surprises with its minimalist design, to the point where everything is expressed with emojis and faces. In the main view we have a calendar view that reflects how the month is going. Here the interpretation is easy: faces that go from less sad to happier, so at a glance you will see how you have felt throughout the month.

The app allows us to record what we have done and how we have felt each day, so that we can relate it

If we click on each day, we will have a list of emojis / images that show us the activities and emotions we feel that day. For example: on August 19 you felt good because you did sports, you didn’t have to work and you had a beer with your friends. All this can be reflected in the app, with a huge list of activities and emotions to record.

For honors, it is also possible record the dream of that day, add notes and even a photograph that is important to you. As you can see, it is a very complete diary of our day to day.

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In addition to the commented functions, the app has a graphic section in which we are told how our mood has fluctuated over the months and even over the years, in case we want to have a record of the evolution of our state.



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