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a great application to share tweets on Instagram stories

Twitter is a relatively well integrated application with other applications when it comes to sharing content. However, if we talk about Instagram, it’s not easy to share in the stories (the fastest format for sharing information) the tweets we want.

This is where Twiger comes in, an application by a Spanish developer, which allows you to share tweets very easily and visually on our Instagram. The application is light, free and works very well, so let’s take a look at it.

Sharing tweets in our stories

Image 2020 05 06 17 02 35 The first thing will be to copy the address of the tweet from the Twitter app itself.

Instagram stories offer a quick format for sharing information more conveniently than in the feed, where everything stays permanently (or at least until you delete it manually). But sharing tweets is not possible from the official appwhich only offers the option of sharing by direct message.

Twiger is an application for iOS and Android that comes to solve this, and has conquered us by how simple it is and how visual the final result is. The sharing process is the expected in this type of applications, the first thing we have to do is copy the URL of the tweet we want to share.

Twigger App Android

Once copied, we go to the application, which directly has a built-in clipboard button. This means that we don’t have to make a long click on the URL box to paste it, we just need to hit the clipboard button. Once the tweet is copied, we hit the ‘Play’ button.

The tweets shared with this app look pretty good on a visual level. The color palette is good, although we can always modify what we want once we’re inside Instagram

We will now access a small interface that allows us to put any background color we want (with a very nice palette, by the way), we adjust the color and that’s it. Once we have the tweet ready, we hit the ‘share on Instagram’ button. This will open up the Instagram Stories interface itself, where you can add anything you want from within the interface.

Twiger - Share tweets on Instagram

Twiger – Share tweets on Instagram

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