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a new rival for Zoom and Google Meet

JioMeet is a new video conferencing service that comes to compete with alternatives such as Zoom, Google Meet or Jitsi Meet. The service is free, offers unlimited calling in HD (720p) and supports up to 100 participants.

We have been testing JioMeet and the service is interesting both in terms of options and operation. So let’s talk about it what it offers and how it is usedIt is available for virtually all platforms.

That’s right JioMeet


To create a Meet account we need to give you a phone number or an email. Once we have created our account we will have access to all the functions offered by the application. We can either create a meeting, join one or, a very interesting function: schedule meetings when we want.

JioMeet allows you to create scheduled meetings. In addition, we can configure them to repeat, so we don’t have to go around scheduling recurring meetings

This option allows you to set the date and time of the video call to be made automatically. It is also interesting that we can adjust its repetition so if, for example, every Monday at 9:00 we have a meeting, we can schedule it.

Jitsi Meet1

When we created a video call this will always be protected by a random password. We will share the password with the users we want to invite, through the link generated by the application itself. The calls can be joined by another 99 people and the maximum quality of these is 720p, HD resolution

JioMeet allows us to share the screen of our mobile in a quite fast and comfortable way so that the guests can see it

Jiomeet User1 This is what JioMeet looks like when you’re a guest.

Once inside the video call we have the classic options of mute our volume, avoid being seen by the camera and switch between the selfie and the front. There are no custom backgrounds or customization options here. We have the option to share the screen even from the mobile phone itself, which we liked, although it carries risks in terms of privacy.

JioMeet is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, and can be used through browsers like Chrome and Firefoxas long as we’re on PC. JioMeet’s bet is strong, as Jio is one of the leading Indian operators, with about 400 million customers.



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