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a service that pays users to share tickets for what they have purchased outside Amazon

Amazon is testing a new service that will pay users who share tickets for products they have purchased outside your store. It comes under the name Amazon Shopper Panel, and allows users to scan up to 10 tickets per month through a mobile application.

You will pay approximately one dollar per registered purchase in the service, so you will be able to get about 10 dollars per month just by uploading tickets. For the time being, is a service being tested in the United States and which is accessed by invitation.

Selling information for a dollar


The operation of Amazon Shopper Panel is simple: users have the possibility to share tickets of what they have bought outside their store, in order to access the financial reward. Tickets can be uploaded through the service’s application or by sending an email to, being able to get a maximum of $10as you can only upload 10 tickets a month.

Similarly, users, in the style of Google Opinion Rewards, can complete short surveys related to your purchasing preferences. By answering these questions, you can access additional rewards.

The service is similar to what we have seen with Google Opinion Rewards: you give up your preference information and receive a financial reward

This is how Amazon makes its money: more and more cloud and a future of audiovisual productions

Although it is literally selling our information to Amazon, the company ensures that they delete the personal information and that users who no longer participate in the program can request that the information they have collected be deleted. Similarly, they indicate that This information is used to “improve product selection on and Whole Food Market.

This practice is similar to Opinion Rewards on Android, where Google pays users to respond to surveys. The app will be available on iOS and Android but, as we indicated, it is still a service in the testing phase limited to the United States.

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