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1585652960 Actualizado Whether we like it or not the Zoom for
Home » [Actualizado] Whether we like it or not, the Zoom for iOS app shares our data with Facebook without clear consent

[Actualizado] Whether we like it or not, the Zoom for iOS app shares our data with Facebook without clear consent

The world of software is constantly striving to show us that this much sought-after the privacy of our personal data is a mythespecially as far as mobiles are concerned. Rare is the app that does not live on our data, either for direct advertising purposes or for selling them to third parties to carry out the same process. Zoom has just shown that it is no different from the others.

In Vice they just discovered that the Zoom app sends data to Facebook, even though we don’t have an active account with the social network. If we did, it would make sense to share data if we registered with the video calling app using the social network, but the point is that whether or not we have a Facebook account is irrelevant. Our Zoom usage data travel to Mark Zuckerberg’s companyand there appears to be no explicit consent to do so.

Discovered in the Zoom app for iOS


Using Facebook development software for mobile and web applications has many advantages, but apparently has the disadvantage that part of what we do with the application, being users, will be known in the offices of Facebook itself. This is something that has happened before with Ring’s video surveillance appthe camera manufacturer.

Vice says that from the moment we download and open the Zoom app, it automatically connects to the Facebook Graph API, which is responsible for analyzing the activity of the app and it is this that transfers information from the mobile application to the popular social network. The data it collects is not few, since from Zoom it supports the app can know our IP, the operating system we use and data on our device. In addition, Zoom has a tool to check whether participants are paying attention, which may also contain additional data.

Under Zoom’s conditions of use, to add fuel to the fire, it is not specified that the app will share data with the social network so we would not be faced with a case of unread accepted terms and conditions. Facebook has confirmed to Vice that it is asking all developers using its Developer Kits to be transparent about their software’s communication with the social network. This is public and Facebook’s terms state the following:

“If you use our tracking pixels or SDKs, you represent and warrant that you have provided clear and prominent notice to users regarding the collection, sharing, and use of Customer Data.

And although the situation is serious, as Zoom does not specify in its terms and conditions that this is happening, perhaps it is even more serious as the discovery of this data being sent without warning or consent has occurred through the Zoom app for iOS, which is used on both the iPhone and the iPad. It remains to be seen who takes action first, whether Zoom itself by quickly updating its terms and conditions or Apple by removing the app from its App Store.

Via | Vice

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