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Add and manage tasks with a single touch with this simple and beautiful application for iOS: New Task

Today we’re going to talk to you about New Task, a rather different task application that we used to see in the app store. It’s an iOS app (although the developer promises it will come to Android this year), free and very useful for quickly adding tasks and lists.

Aside from being useful, its interface has conquered us for its simplicity and care. So let’s tell you how this application worksIt has a way of proceeding that characterizes it in comparison with the rest of the competitors.

Adding everything to different categories in one touch

New Task Functioning Just write the task and click on the category. In a matter of seconds we have everything added and organized.

Currently the applications that reign in the world of tasks are some like Google Task, Todoist, Microsoft To Do, Any.Do and others. In most of these applications we have some categories, in which we have to enter to create the tasks we want to enter within them. In fact, the most absent-minded (server first) sometimes get to write what we have to do quickly, forgetting to put it in the corresponding category.

New Task has the simplicity and speed for a flag. To add tasks to a category simply click on the category you want to enter that task

New Task assumes, according to its developer be the fastest task application of the moment. You may not be wrong. The way it works is quite simple: first we have to add the categories we want. The application is in English but don’t worry, because we can rename the categoriesThe only exceptions are ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Coming soon’, which are understood without any problem.

New Task Personalization The very tasks we create are customizable and we can set up reminders, dates and so on.

We can create a total of five categories, which added to the previous three makes a total of eight categories to organize everything we want. In addition, each category has a colorso it’s pretty easy to recognize them. Needless to say, we can move each of these categories in any order we want.

The “magic” of the application comes when adding tasks to the categories, since we only have write the name of the task and click on the category. That is to say, almost instantly we have added what we are going to write to its corresponding category. If we write ‘Saving’, we click on finance, if we write ‘Training’, we click on fitness, etc. Simply write the task and click on the category.

Beyond the simplicity of adding tasks, the application interface is exquisiteIt is very simple and has a very well-cared for colour palette. Within the categories themselves we can set dates, reminders, move categories if we have made a mistake, change their order, etc.

New Task

New Task

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