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Adding Auto-Responders to WhatsApp on Mobile

You can’t always respond to every message that comes into WhatsApp, at least in your own handwriting. What you can do is program WhatsApp to answer messages for you. We’ll see how you can do this on both WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone.

Scheduling automatic responses in WhatsApp is possible with the help of additional applications. On Android, there are many related applications for scheduling messages and adding autoresponders. In iOS, there are not so many options without jailbreak, although you can achieve something similar with WhatsApp Business.

Automatic Replies on WhatsApp for Android

The standard version of WhatsApp does not include support for automatic responses, but third-party developers have managed to achieve something similar using the notification system of Android. There are several similar applications, although Autoresponder for Wa, by the same author has similar solutions for Telegram, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

AutoResponder for WA - Automatic Response

AutoResponder for WA – Automatic Response

The application basically watches your notifications until it detects one from WhatsApp. When it does, it processes it and sends the response message through the notification. Therefore, the application you need to have access to the notificationssomething he’ll ask you for the first time you open it.

Granting access is as easy as pressing Notification settings and then check the box next to the application. Then go back to the application and you will be able to access all its functionality.


Then it’s your turn to add your first scheduled message. The free version of AutoResponder for Wa allows you to add simple autoresponders for both specific messages and all messages. To add a reply to all messages, click All. In the table Response messageIf you want to send a message to the chat, write the text you want to be sent when the above rule is met (which in our case is when any message arrives).


With this you would have your automatic response configured in WhatsApp for Android, although if you want you can tune the configuration to apply only to specific contacts or groups. The Pro version (?14.99 one-time fee) adds advanced features, such as choosing the time of operation of the answers.

Automatic responses in WhatsAp for iPhone

You won’t find apps like AutoResponder for WhatsApp on the App Store, so you’re stuck with the tools of the house. Although the official version of WhatsApp does not have any automatic responses, WhatsApp Business does.

WhatsApp Business is the business version of WhatsApp, but nothing stops you from setting up an account with your phone number even if you are not. Additional features of WhatsApp Business that are not in the regular WhatsApp include welcome messages and absence messages.

While the welcome message is sent only the first time someone contacts your profile, the absence message can be set as an automatic reply. To use it, go to WhatsApp Business Settings and click Company Settings > Absence Message.


Check the box and you will be able to write your absence message at the bottom. You can configure whether you want this message to be sent always, at a customized time or when messages arrive outside of your business hours.


These absence messages are not as complete as the automatic responses you can achieve on Android with Autoresponder for Wa, but it’s the closest you can get on an iPhone. At least, if you don’t have Jailbreak.

Better with Jailbreak

Now, if you have jailbreak your iPhone and have the Cydia alternative store ready, the possibilities are multiplied. On Cydia you’ll find WaAutoReply which, while it was once a paid application, is now totally free. The only drawback is that it is compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10, with no mention of the latest versions.


WaAutoReply is integrated into the WhatsApp settings, where the new setting appears Auto Reply. Activate it and you can then write your personalized message for the next time someone contacts you.

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