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Alexa will allow group calls and video calls so you can create groups from your mobile

These Christmases promise to be very different from all the ones we have known. COVID19 is going to change our habits, making calls and video calls more prominent than ever. A reason that has motivated Amazon to add a Alexa new functionality for making group calls and video calls.

Alexa is one of the most used virtual assistants and one of the possibilities it offers is to perform calls to contacts in our phonebook just by dictating the timely voice order. Now, with this new function, we can create a group and initiate a call or video call to all members.

Alexa, call the Xataka group

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Group calls are not something new, as they were presented by Amazon back in September, but it is now, at the gates of 2021, when this option will arrive at virtual assistant from amazon.

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Once a group has been created, family for example, just say “Alexa, call the family”. We can create all the groups we want with the members of our agenda and use it to call a loudspeaker or a loudspeaker with a screen. Bearing in mind that a camera will be necessary to make video calls, which at first eliminates the Echo speakers from this possibility. It is also curious that group calls from the mobile are not allowed.

How to create a group in the Alexa app


To create a family group with AlexaYes, you can use the application on your mobile and you will only need to have contacts who have an Amazon account.

You must click on the icon “Communication” in the lower area of ​​the screen and then, in the upper right corner, click on the icon that offers access to our profile. We will see in that same place, a menu of three points on which to click and on the next screen we will click on “Add Group”.


In the new window we will have the option to activate the “Group calls” and once active we only have to give a name to the created group and click on “Create group” at the bottom of the screen.


At any time we can add or remove members of the group that we have created in the same menu and we can also give the command “Alexa, call group XXXX” to be able to contact our loved ones remotely.

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