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all the stories on one screen

After the progressive increase of the weight of the Stories in Instagram the company has been expanding its visualization within the apps up to the two lines of Stories that we can contemplate nowadays. But what about if you could see all the stories on one page? That’s just what Instagram is trying, in a very limited way at the moment.

The Stories came to Instagram from Snapchat to stay, not in vain they were occupying more and more presence within the application. In fact, the format has ended up expanding to Google search: vertical content, and with an expiration date, is a trend. And, since a good number of Instagram users do not leave the Stories sectionThe company is trying out a very curious option to present them: all on one page. Don’t you want stories? Then take a full screen.

All Instagram Stories in One Place

Instagram Story Page New screen with all pending Stories to be displayed. Images by Julian Gamboa

Although the captures may seem tricky, the truth is that the proof exists as Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that they are testing the new format. This is how it was discovered Julian Gamboawho saw a little link in the Stories section of ”TheSee all stories‘. When he pressed it, the screen filled with bubbles with all the recent ephemeral content.

As we said, the test is real and is being carried out, but this does not mean that it will finally reach all users. It is part of a very localized test that Instagram launched a month ago and that very few users have receivedWe have not yet seen the proof of this, because the truth is that the Stories page has an impact on the eye, even to the point of being overwhelming.

Instagram recently introduced the double line of Stories in its mobile applications. And, as evidenced by Julian Gamboa’s captures, a small link allows you to jump from the application’s front page to a screen where all the recent stories are represented. This makes it much more practical to browse the ephemeral content if you only want to enjoy that section: one glance is enough to see who has recently published; and with one click you can see the History. In addition, the Stories screen has vertical scrollingso there’s room for everyone in a row, no matter how large the number.

The Stories page is part of a very localized test of Instagram: it will most likely not reach all users

Instagram has not clarified whether it will eventually reach all users or whether, as it seems, the test will be part of those ‘A/B tests’ that do not come to fruition. All we can do is wait.

Via | TechCrunch

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