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Amazon Kindle Vella, stories by chapters for mobiles that arrive first on the iPhone

In an attempt to take advantage of the fact that we all carry a compact e-book player tucked into our pockets, Amazon has decided to give its Kindle concept a spin with a new serialized book service. This is Amazon Kindle Vella and offers novels published by chapters that offer us to start reading them at no cost, although to continue reading them we will need tokens.

With Vella comes a concept similar to that of the series that broadcasts its first episodes at no cost and then invites you to pay for a new chapter if you like what you are watching. That, but in reading version with books published in short episodes that we can continue as long as we like them. Then going through the box.

One chapter at a time

Kindle Vella

As Amazon itself says, the experience of Kindle Vella is to offer serialized stories that will be published in short chapters that we can read in order of publication. These chapters will be between 600 and 5,000 words long, and the first three of each story will always be free. The first invites the house.

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In Kindle Vella we can have a fairly interactive experience with the texts that we are reading since we can tag them, mark them as favorites, indicate that we like them with a thumbs up, read the authors’ own notes and share them. And of course, we will be able to subscribe to the stories so that Kindle Vella will notify us each time a new chapter is released.

Kindle Vella for mobile, first on iPhone

The Kindle Vella experience is designed to be mobile first and it will arrive first at the Kindle app on iOS, to later make the leap to Android. The price of the aforementioned has not yet been revealed tokens, the currency that we will exchange for new episodes and that we can buy on the Amazon website. Apparently, the purchase of tokens It will not be initially enabled within the Kindle for iPhone app, we’ll see what happens in the future.

At the moment, the new Kindle Vella Coming to the Kindle for iPhone App of US Users, but Amazon itself has not indicated when it will leave the country to travel the world or when we will have the same service on Android. We will have to wait for more news about it.

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