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an addictive (and frustrating) game that will test your skill and patience

In the middle of quarantine, what could be better than taking advantage of a few free games to kill some time. The car games have a good presence in Play Store and App Store, although what is working most these days are the puzzle games so why not combine them?

Park Master is a game that, despite its name, is not the classic parking game. It is a game that challenges us to park several cars at the same time but by means of a most curious puzzle.

It’s all about drawing… and not going crazy

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The Park Master approach is basic (like most successful games) park three cars at a time. But what’s the mechanics? There is a point A, a point B and a point C (the more you advance, the more points). Car A must go to point A, B to point B, C to point C. The problem here is that all the cars start running at the same time and the dots are crossed over.

The mechanics are simple, but as we advance levels, all plans begin to fall apart. We have to think very carefully about the trajectory of the cars so they don’t crash

In other words, we have to find the ideal trajectory so that each car can reach its destination without colliding with the others. And why is the game so successful? Because this is difficult, very difficult. Logical trajectories don’t work, and your first ideas to get the cars to their destination will (most likely) be a failure.

We must think very carefully about the strategy we are going to carry out, all through simple trajectory lines that we will draw with our finger. Some levels are resolved with absurd trajectoriesThe cars turn on themselves, they cross each other in rocky shapes… anything goes for each vehicle to reach its destination. The game is free, lightweight and available for both iOS and Android.

Park Master

Park Master

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