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an app that allows you to scan any room in 3D with the iPhone camera

With the arrival of the LiDAR sensor to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro, the possibilities have opened when it comes to scanning scenes in 3D. Apple has put its processor at the service of augmented reality, so that in conjunction with the sensor several functions can be achieved.

Polycam is one of those apps that makes the most of the depth sensor of the iPhone 12, in this case to allow us scan any 3D object in seconds. However, its main purpose is to analyze rooms, buildings and others, being able to give us their exact measurements after the scan.

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How Polycam works


Polycam is an app that allows capture our environment in 3D. It uses the LiDAR sensor, so it only works in the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max and iPad Pro. The first thing we have to do is capture our environment. We just have to point the camera to scan through a video recording.

It is important be fairly accurate when scanning, that is, try not to leave any gap so that the scene it generates is complete and not artificial. Through triangular shapes we can see the captured segments, and in a blue color we will be shown what is not yet scanned.

HD rendering, thanks to the power of the A14 Bionic, takes no more than a few seconds

Once we have analyzed everything, we only have to stop the video recording. We can render what we have recorded in SD or HD quality. Our recommendation, since you will be using an iPhone 12 Pro, is that you render in HD, since it will not take more than a few extra seconds. When we have the final image we can edit it. Make cuts, change the processing, edit the name to save it and else.

The ISOCELL Vizion 33D is Samsung's answer to Apple's LIDAR: a ToF sensor for tracking objects at 120 fps and up to 5 meters

The most striking thing is that we have a measurement mode that indicates the measurements of the objects you have scanned. As LiDAR is able to analyze the real environment, the measurements are quite accurate. For example, you can know what your room measures, its furniture, spaces and others. Polycam is completely free and ad-free app, so it’s worth checking out.



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