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an awesome RPG with introductory offer

Owners of an Android or iPhone (and iPad) have a new RPG to play with hours of play: My time at Portia (My time at Portia) is finally available in the app stores. Exploration, open world, same essence as on PC and consoles, with a very long duration and perfect to kill time from the phone.

My days at Portia have been pre-registered for some time in the app stores. With the endorsement of having succeeded on consoles and on PC, the RPG combines resource management with socialization and touches of farm simulation; a set of mechanics and adventures that stays very well cohesive. You haven’t tried My days in Portia yet? Well, you know: you have it on Google Play and App Store. And with an introductory offer.

A world full of secrets, battles and interactions

Weather Portia

My days at Portia maintains a classic RPG mechanic with 3D graphics that move smoothly on most phones (the game does not require very powerful hardware). With certain reminiscences of Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing, two successes that also crossed borders from consoles and PC to mobile phones, as newcomers to Portia we will have to take over our father’s workshop to become a valued member of the community.

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Portia is a large town that remains open to our footsteps. More than 50 characters coexist in it (all are NPCs, this title is not multiplayer) and endless tasks that we will have to perform. Fixing the workshop that we inherit is one of the first, also getting to know all the citizens; as well as their likes and weaknesses. Talking with them will be key.

The game is much more complete and varied than it seems at first, as it offers an extensive amount of possibilities. From resource management to exploration; going through the fighting and improvements of our character. This can be customized at first.

Weather Portia

My days at Portia are very well adapted to smartphones. The touch control is good (controller support is missing), the learning curve is adequate and it is suitable for both those looking for a classic RPG as for those who want something more complete than a typical farm game.

Weather Portia

The new mobile title is now available on Android and also on iOS. Its usual cost is 7.99 euros, but currently worth 5.99 euros as an introductory offer. My Days at Portia is ad-free, has no in-app purchases, and provides hours of fun.

My days in Portia

My days in Portia

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