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1604877400 an impressive app that copies real objects with your phone

an impressive app that copies real objects with your phone and pastes them onto your PC

Copy a real-world item using your phone’s camera and paste it directly into your computer. This is what you get with ClipDrop, an amazing application capable of scanning real-world items, copying and pasting them to the PC directly.

The service integrates into both Windows and MacOS, as well as Android and iOS. We’ve tested it with macOS and an iPhone 12 and the results have been amazing. The app is capable of copying objects perfectlyso that we can then pass them on to the PC for whatever we want.

ClipDrop: a crazy app to copy objects in augmented reality

ClipDrop is a quite different app, which requires the installation of a client on the PC. After logging in with the same account (can be Google or Apple) on PC and mobile, we can synchronize items. What exactly does the application do? Scanning real objects in augmented reality, to copy them to the PC clipboard.

Clipdrop Cutting The cutting of the objects is excellent.

In our case, we will focus on what we can do with the mobile (although from the desktop app you can also capture elements). All we have to do is open the camera from the application and start scanning items. As if it were Google Lens, the object captured by the camera is analysed and after a few seconds this is scanned in augmented reality.

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The cut is surprisingly good, even if it is texts that we have taken from elsewhere. Once we have the clipping, we can send the PC what we’ve scanned. It will be pasted into the clipboard (PNG without background) or we can save it as an image. The uses are many, from scanning a photograph that is at home to have it on the PC to make any type of assembly in Photoshop or whatever we can think of.

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The main one but with this app is that its price is 9.99 euros per month after the trial period, 39.99 per year (after November 29 it goes up to 79.99 euros per year). Pretty high price for an application that seems to be relegated to a more professional use. Despite this, we can test it for free for 3 days, to know if we are going to take advantage of it or not.



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