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1607037931 an impressive application capable of separating the voices and instruments

an impressive application capable of separating the voices and instruments of any song

Thanks to artificial intelligence, applications are capable of performing increasingly surprising functions. This is the case of Moises, a spectacular application that is capable of extracting the voices and instruments of any song, after processing it, something similar to Djay Pro, an application that is paid.

We are going to tell you how it works, what can be done with it and how amazing is this free app, compatible with iOS and Android.

This is Moises, capable of analyzing and separating the elements of any subject

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Moises is an application that will allow us to play with the songs to our liking. To begin with, we have to have songs in the internal memory of the phone, there is no direct integration with streaming services (we have tried to enter the URL of Spotify songs and it has not worked). Once we have the clue we have to let me process it.

The processing time of the songs is high, but it is worth it, since the separation of elements is spectacular

The processing time will depend on the song, its duration and characteristics. In our case, for a commercial song, the processing time has been greater than 2 minutes. It is enough time, but it is that Moises is able to analyze and separate in detail the elements of the songs.

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'Woo-hoo!': The history of the songs after being the FIFA song

Such is the quality of the separation that, when Moses analyzes the song, send us an email with the vocals, drums and instruments. But let’s get back to the application itself.

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Its interface is similar to that of a sound mixer, but in this case we have controls for voice, bass, drums and other elements of the song. We can DJ to enjoy the app, modifying these values ​​in real time, but the purpose of the application is to be able to download the modifications that we want to make to the song. That is, we can remove the vowels, raise the bass or whatever we want, and later download the modified song.

A simply spectacular application that you can use completely free of charge on both Android and iPhone, although it has a paid plan that unlocks extra features, such as change the tempo and pitch of the song.



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