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an impressive application that manages to separate the music from the voices in any song

Let’s talk about Djay Pro which, in our opinion, is the best DJ application you can download from iOS. It is a spectacular app, since it manages to do something quite complex and in real time: separate voice and instrument tracks. This is an achievement at the level of artificial intelligence, in an application that has many more functions.

If you like music and have ever wanted to DJ, let’s explain to you why this is a good app to tryIt’s also a great way to get a feel for the world, as it’s more reminiscent of professional interfaces than just an app for hanging out.

AI at the service of music

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Djay is an application that has been updated with functions related to artificial intelligence. In particular, they say they have developed a powerful algorithm that uses the power of the latest Apple processors. Processing is done in real timebeing able to separate instruments and voice. The requirement is that we must have from the A12 chip onwards that is, at least one iPhone XS/XR.

Using an advanced algorithm and the power of Apple’s processors, this app manages to separate the vocals from the instruments in real time. In fact, after a long time of use, the phone warms up

How do you do this? With an algorithm that analyzes the wave to separate the different elements. As we were saying, what stands out here is that We just have to push a button to make this happen. That is, while we are in a DJ session, we can isolate the acapella or the instruments. This opens up a world of possibilities in the mix, as we can combine voices and instruments from different tracks, something that even DJ programs don’t allow.


If we take a look at Djay’s interface, we find something similar to programs like Traktor or Virtual DJ (with their limitations, of course). It’s remarkable that we can play up to four tracks at the same timeThis is something that allows you to take the mixes to another level. In the classic mode, that of the two dishes of all life, we find the BPM synchronization controls, (we can adjust them manually or automatically), the crossfaderThe effect settings (filters, bass, midrange, bass, treble, volume, etc.). Basically we have a mixer on the cell phonesince we lack nothing.

Music Selection

When it comes to importing songs we can do it from the iPhone library, Spotify, Souncloud, Tidal and so on, although From July 1st, due to Spotify’s limitations, this integration will no longer be available. The search engine is impressive and allows us to filter the songs by BPM to make it much easier to synchronize with each other.

The fader control, the filters… Everything works in a spectacular way, reminiscent of much more expensive and professional programs

The control of the fader is simply perfect, and the feel is virtually the same as when we are using professional interfaces of this type. Being able to isolate the voices and instruments in the middle of the session is great and, in short, this is an outstanding application.

We can try it out for free for a week although, as expected, such a work could not be free forever. The price of de Djay’s annual subscription is 39.99 euros, 4.99 in case we want to pay on a monthly basis. It seems a high price, but this software is on a par with other PC interfacesso the tribute makes sense.


Djay PRO

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