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1613661098 audios in the DMs experimentally

audios in the DMs experimentally

A new experiment is being carried out on the social network Twitter: its developers add the option to send voice memos via direct message. At the moment in very specific territories and with a mechanism similar to that of applications such as WhatsApp.

What began as a ‘microblogging’ social network has become a great means of communication, both personal and professional: Twitter allows you to find out about any topic. And yes, he has not lost his social profile, not even conversational: the network has enabled a multitude of ways to communicate. Even with voice: through the Spaces, audios or with new private voice memos. The experiment is already underway.

Send private audio notes with the push of a button

Twitter Notes Voice

The idea behind the new private messages is that users have a more direct and comprehensive way to convey what comes to mind. As in messaging apps, a voice memo is often the fastest way to communicate any thought; no matter how much it forces the opponent to listen to the entire note to find out.

How to send WhatsApp voice notes from PC

New voice messages are available on the Twitter mobile app, although only in three very specific territories: India, Brazil and Japan. There they can test the functionality: as explained by Twitter in India, the mechanics are identical to those used by WhatsApp, Telegram and the like.

To send a voice memo you have to go to direct messages with a specific person and click on the audio icon, in the lower right part of the screen. Twitter will record the audio when the button is pressed and stop it when it is pressed again; giving the option to send it later and also listen to it (just in case it has not turned out well).

Twitter Voice Messages Image by Kushal Gupta

The test is carried out in the three countries mentioned, India, Brazil and Japan. We do not know if it will cross those borders since, at the moment, it’s just an experiment. Twitter is rolling out voice memos in the initial territories in phases.

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