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Capture is an app that measures how much CO2 your movement and meals generate

With millions of people confined to their homes, in late April we saw the consumption of coal suddenly plummet, being one of the “good news” that has emerged during this pandemic.

Capture is an application, developed in Singapore, that invites us to measure our carbon footprint on a daily basis. Its creators claim that it “facilitates the monitoring, reduction and elimination of CO2 emissions from everyday life”.

The environmental impact of your movements or what you eat

Founded by Abdul Aziz and Josie Stoker, this startup has created a platform that seeks to make their users more aware of the carbon they generate on a day-to-day basis. Capture has three main functions: to track, reduce and remove CO2 emissions from our daily lives.

This app (free for iOS and Android) will use the GPS data from our device, so automatically detect our means of transport and keep track of the emissions we’ve generated.


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Besides, will give us a better perspective of our environmental impactWe will also find out what our daily consumption patterns are and what choices have the most significant impact on climate.

Obviously, CO2 emissions are not only related to our means of transport, and that is why Capture includes other types of decisions that we make on a daily basis. For example, the kind of food we eat.

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Eventually, the creators of this app claim that they will add many more features, such as the option of adding purchases (clothing or technology) and the energy use we make in our home.

In this way, this platform will become more sophisticated to offer us a more detailed measurement of the kilograms of carbon dioxide that we generate monthly and ways to reverse this situation.

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