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cartoons of your face, stickers for WhatsApp and more

The applications to add effects to your face are nothing new, but advances in style transfer technology achieve incredible and varied results. ToonMe is an application with which you can create high-quality cartoons from any photo, in addition to other designs.

ToonMe, from the same creators as PhotoLab, makes it easy to create a hyper-realistic cartoon with countless styles, as well as allowing you to create WhatsApp stickers with your face or generate elaborate artistic designs to add a creative touch to your photos. Let’s see what you can do with ToonMe.

Caricatures in various styles

ToonMe is an application with a lot of potential and the image generation technology behind it is of great quality, although if there is something it can improve it is probably in the interface of your application, which is somewhat confusing. It has a lot to offer, but it is not clear where each thing is or what exactly can you do.

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If you have installed ToonMe with the idea of ​​turning a photo into a cartoon, then you should go to the first tab, called There you will find a single button called Choose the photo, which you must press to select a photo from your gallery or make a new one, with the camera.


After uploading the photo and a few seconds of waiting to obtain the results, you will have your photo in five different styles that are changing frequently with new versions and styles. Most styles are static, although sometimes you will come across animations or collages.

If these styles fall short of you, then you can play on the Labs tab to access a handful of additional styles, via the tabs at the top. The styles are varied and range from cartoons with exaggerated features to characters from the Simpsons or cartoons in the style of animated Studio Ghibli films.


In some of these styles you will find the option More styles next to the button Download in HD. By pressing that button, you get something like a different variant of the same style, which respects the same design but is slightly different. Press Download in HD to save the photo on your mobile including a watermark in one of its corners.

Stickers for WhatsApp with your face

Creating caricatures from photos is quite entertaining, but it’s even better if you can easily reuse as stickers on WhatsApp. This is possible from the tab Stickers by ToonMe.


The system is extremely simple, since all you have to do is press Choose the photo and select a photo you have on your mobile or take a new one with the camera. ToonMe then generates a dozen stickers with caricatures of your face in various expressions.

These expressions change every day, so if you want to collect them all you will have to return to the application every day to collect your new creations. If you would like to take them to WhatsApp, press Export to WhatsApp and then press Add in the confirmation window.


After adding your stickers to WhatsApp, the next time you open the messaging application you will see that there is a new sticker pack with ToonMe icon. In it you will find all the stickers that you selected and imported in advance.

Elaborate designs with effects

In addition to allowing you to create stunning caricatures, with ToonMe you can turn an ordinary photo into a work of art with the styles or Toon Effects. They come to be something like style combinations for faces and backgrounds whose result is only as good as the creativity of the person who created the effect

These effects are classified in the petaña Top Y Trends and without much order or concert and, on many occasions, repeated. Tapping on one automatically applied to the photo you select, as long as it is free.


The result is usually very good in itself, although if the application has failed to detect the person’s axes, you can tap on the silhouette icon to adjust edges manually painting on the screen which part is foreground and which part is background.

Pro Options


ToonMe is a free application, although to access all the functions, all the effects and not have the watermark in the result, you need to pay for the Pro version, with a price of 34.99 euros per year.

If you don’t pay for the Pro version, you still have access to all the free effects and you can also use Pro effects as a reward in exchange for viewing advertisements. However, the vast majority of effects available in Toon Effects, they are free.

ToonMe: Selfie Cartoon Photo Editor

ToonMe: Selfie Cartoon Photo Editor

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