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1613095358 Clubhouse is becoming so popular that Facebook is already working

Clubhouse is becoming so popular that Facebook is already working on a copy, according to the New York Times

Perhaps it does not yet have a particularly relevant number of users worldwide (things that are still growing) but we can say with little doubt that Clubhouse is currently the fashionable application. Clubhouse was born as an app to help the daughter of one of its creators, promoting voice over text, and its use has skyrocketed in recent weeks.

The app created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, which is currently only accessible on iOS and by invitation, is gaining so much traction that it seems like Facebook is already developing something to try to occupy its niche. This is what the New York Times says: ‘it is said that Facebook is building a product to compete with Clubhouse’.

Alternatives to Clubhouse and Substack

According to the New York Times, Facebook is already working on the development of an application similar to Clubhouse, an app that would prioritize audio chats over text and that it would compete with the Clubhouse itself, increasingly on the rise. Zuckerberg himself has even made an appearance at the Clubhouse to chat about augmented reality and virtual reality.

Clubhouse is the ephemeral voicemail chat social network that everyone wants to be on

Apparently, various employees have been given orders on Facebook to create a product similar to Clubhouse, although they are not authorized to speak about it in public. According to the aforementioned medium, this alternative to Facebook’s Clubhouse would still be found in the early stages of development.

The future Facebook service would still be in the preliminary stages of development

Facebook is well known for develop competitive products from others in the market, or directly get hold of them like WhatsApp or Instagram purchases. The competition for Zoom was forged in its Messenger Rooms, and in the case of Instagram, Reels were created to compete with TikTok, one of the current kings of social networks.

Apparently, Facebook eI would also develop an alternative to Substack, the digital newsletter service. Meanwhile, Clubhouse is still in beta, limited to iPhone users and accessible by invitation only. We will see what movement is the one that occurs before: the opening of the Clubhouse to everyone or the arrival of the Facebook alternative.

Via | New York Times

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