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Company of Heroes brings epic WWII battles to iOS and Android

Company of Heroes’ is not exactly a new game although its presence in mobiles is. We’re talking about a Relic Entertainment title that saw the light of day at PC in 2006The first game of the series, which was released almost a decade and a half ago, became a phenomenon in the Windows gaming ecosystem, especially since I set foot on Steam the following year.

Despite having spent a long time without a clear evolution, Relic took the step of bringing the title to the iPad with Feral Interactive with a ‘Company of Heroes’ that landed on Apple tablets at the start of this 2020. The game now advances further and adapts to mobiles arriving at iOS and Android.

World War II in your pocket

From the landing on Omaha beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944, to the battle of Chambois, with the Nazi army already completely encircled, ‘Company of Heroes’ brings each and every one of its missions to the mobile phone. The screen is shrinking and with it our ability to act, but Feral Interactive promises has adapted the usability of its flagship game to our small devices pocket-sized.

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To this end, the following have been adapted interaction mechanics already present on the iPad as the command wheel which unfolds with a touch to offer us options for movement and action, although it can be turned off at will if we want to opt for other alternatives. In addition, ‘Company of Heroes’ brings a gift under the arm for iOS users as they can have the title for free if they have already purchased the iPad version.

As for compatible devices, Feral Interactive indicates that its ‘Company of Heroes’ is available at any iPhone from iPhone 6s onwards although a list of mobiles has been made available so that we are perfectly clear. We are talking about a pay game, but without advertising or purchases inside.

Company of Heroes comes to iOS and Android

As we say, ‘Company of Heroes’ is now officially a mobile game in which we deploy all our resources to win in every scenario. So far, nothing is known about the multiplayer mode so we’ll have to wait and see how the title develops. In the meantime, you can buy it in both the App Store and the Google Play Store for $14.99.

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes

  • Price: 14.99 euros
  • Download it for: iOS
  • Download it for: Android

More information | Feral Interactive

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