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1607648086 Compatible cameras and mobiles will allow you to upload content

Compatible cameras and mobiles will allow you to upload content with this quality

YouTube has had an encoding system since 2016 that allows content to be played in HDR. However, this quality in reproduction was limited to the videos uploaded to the platform, not to the different direct or lives generated by content creators.

From now on, YouTube allows upload live streams in HDR quality, so content creators can upload video with higher dynamic range and higher quality than ever before.

These are all Android phones and tablets compatible with Netflix in HDR10

HDR hits YouTube live streams


HDR reaches live YouTube videos. From the platform they indicate that the videos recorded in this format have a better dynamic range, contrast and general quality, when compared to the standard content, recorded in SDR. If we use a compatible device to record this content, we can upload our live streams to YouTube in HDR.

We can upload live content to YouTube in HDR even if we have a mobile compatible with this standard when recording

This applies to mobile phones that are capable of recording in HDR quality, so several of the current high-end can benefit from this measure. In order to view content in HDR it will also be necessary a mobile capable of reproducing in this quality, which is usually limited to high-end alternatives.

As usual, YouTube tools are progressively enabled, so you may have to wait a bit to upload live content in HDR quality. However, this feature has been officially confirmed, so it is a matter of days before you can use it (or enjoy it if your creators use it to upload video).

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