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Deezer takes on Spotify with its own podcast section: now available in Spain

If you’re used to listening to podcasts, and also have a Deezer account, you can now merge the two options in the same app: the streaming platform has just included podcasts among its features. And you don’t need to do anything but keep your mobile app up to date.

With the increase in music streaming platforms, competition has also increased, so each one seeks to differentiate itself from the rest. Spotify decided to sign up for podcasts in order to match Apple Music in terms of options. And then came the rest, with Amazon Music as one of the latest exponents. Well, that’s if we don’t count Deezer, who has just opened his own section worldwide: new podcasts are now available in Spain.

16 categories of podcasts in Spanish

Deezer Podcasts

This type of multimedia content, which mixes an infinite number of themes with channels created by professionals and amateurs, has undergone spectacular growth, much of it motivated by bet that the streaming platforms are making. As we can see today at Deezer, both in mobile applications and in the web service, the podcasts are already fully integrated.

Why Spotify has spent over $100 million on a podcaster: welcome to the era of exclusivity

Deezer has launched its podcast platform with 16 categories of programs in Spanish. Access is available in the application menu itself, under the name ‘Shows’: just click there to access the entire available catalogue. From radio programs converted to podcast format to specific audios in that format, the collection is very extensive. But that’s not all, Deezer has not included exclusive podcastsso the list is similar to what you see in other competitors.

16 categories including humor, education or technology, option to subscribe to the programs in order to receive notifications when there are new deliveries, offline listening even with a free Deezer subscription and even playback on smart devices thanks to Google Cast support: with the Deezer app you don’t need anything else to keep your podcast collection up to date.

Deezer Podcasts

You can now use the new podcast feature in your Deezer mobile app, both Android and iOS. They’re also available on the web – just follow this link. And you don’t need a premium account to listen to them.

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