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diagnose if you have the coronavirus and keep informed from your mobile

CoronaMadrid is the pre-diagnosis and information initiative of the Madrid Health Service. It was initially launched as a web application and is now also available as Android and iOS app.

The official application of CoronaMadrid presents an identical operation to the web, with the advantage of being able to access it more easily from the mobile phone as one more application. Its main function is the self-diagnosiswhich you can carry out every 12 hours.

Records and permissions

The objective of the official application of CoronaMadrid is that you can make some consultations by yourself, thus avoiding saturating the emergency services. To do so, you make a little test with your symptoms and then you receive a result, indicating the steps to follow according to what it is.

After installing the application, you must enter some personal data to identify yourself. The first of these is the phone numberYou will have to confirm this by means of a code that will be sent to you by SMS. In other steps you will have to enter more personal information, including name and surname, date of birth, ID, gender and address.

Personal data

As for the permits, there are only two, and both are optional. On the one hand, you have the option to share your geolocation with the applicationYou can also decide whether you want the application to send you notifications or not.


The privacy policy sets out what data is collected, including geolocation, and how to use them. Obviously, many of these data are necessary for the main functionality of the application (e.g. to make an appointment for a test) but they will also be used for statistical purposes, for biomedical, scientific and historical research and for archiving in the public interest.

Diagnose yourself

After registration you’re ready to do your self-diagnosis. This is a series of simple questions with which you should assess your current symptomsYou may be asked to take a shower, including if you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Each question can be answered with a yes or no.

When you press Continue you get the result of your evaluation, plus an explanatory text. The application thus serves as a first filter by which the health system is released from work. Your result will basically tell you whether or not, according to the data you have provided, you have enough symptoms to determine that you have the coronavirus.


Depending on the result you get, you will get a list of what you should do next. For example, if you have no symptoms of coronavirus, you will be urged to stay home, not to go to the health centre and to follow the other health recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Community of Madrid.

What to do

The application will not let you repeat the self-diagnosis of your symptoms until no more than 12 hours have passedThis period cannot be shortened even if you try again on the CoronaMadrid website or restart the application.



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