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eBiblio, the library’s e-book loan service, has not been in operation for a week and until December 9

For despair of users, the official e-book loan service eBiblio has been down for a week, without service and without applications, and it is expected to remain so at least until next December 9.

The central platform, from which the eBiblio services of each autonomous community draw, is in maintenance tasks due to a change of provider, so that it does not work in several autonomous communities and with the aggravating circumstance that there has been no prior notice many times.

eBiblio takes an unexpected break

eBlblio is an electronic book loan service promoted by the General Sub-Directorate of Library Coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in collaboration with the Library Services of the Autonomous Communities. It is a free service, accessible through the website of each autonomous community and / or through applications, with the only requirement of having the membership card of your library.

My first year in college I promised them very happy ... and then COVID-19 arrived

In a year 2020 marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the mobility limitations that have occurred as a consequence, the eBiblio premise of borrow any title available in the library catalog and download it to the mobile device in one click, was especially relevant. Up to 3 books on loan, 21 days to read each one and without having to return it: after 21 days, the book disappears from the device.

Elibroipad eBiblio on an iPad continues to work today in Catalonia, as long as you have it already installed

This, with the additional advantage that the eBiblio service was, according to the website of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, “accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year through the internet.” This year it will be a few days less, then Has been without service for a week and you have at least another week left before service is restored. A service cut that in many cases, moreover, came without prior notice.

The reason behind this service outage? A change of provider after last November 26 the contract of the Ministry of Culture will end and Odilo, specialized in this type of applications and services, to such an extent that a large part of the Spanish e-book and library applications bear his signature.

The contract with Odilo ends and, foreseeably, the new provider -which, for the moment is unknown- will have to take over the platform during a transition and maintenance that began a week ago and will last, at least, until December 9. Due, the eBiblio app has been removed from Google Play and the App Store, and the web version of several autonomous communities shows an error message, like the one in Madrid.

Ebiblioz According to AppBrain, eBiblio was removed from Google Play on November 23

Maintenance stoppages, supplier changes and contract terminations are inevitable, although what some Internet users complain about is lack of foresight. Being a change of provider after the end of the provision of the service, there should have been time to notify users in advance or, better still, prepare a transition that did not imply the interruption of the service.

Ebiblioweb The majority of autonomous versions of eBiblio present this message

The “good” news is that the hiatus shouldn’t last much longer, should be back on december 9 or on Wednesday of next week. Meanwhile, the web version of eBiblio in most of the autonomous communities shows a message, with the few exceptions of Castilla y León and Catalonia, which in principle continue to work for those who have the application already installed.

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