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1606145668 Ephemeral content has won and like it or not Twitter

Ephemeral content has won and (like it or not) Twitter fleets are proof of it

The idea that was born in Snapchat may have been crazy at first but the truth is that has changed everything in terms of social networks. Content that you publish with less ‘fear’ of its permanence because, precisely, what it does not have is said permanence. Everything in the ephemeral content does not last long, also the doubts about whether it is published or not.

The reality is that, whether we like it more or we like it less, ephemeral content has triumphed and it shows when it sets foot on a new application, on a new network. Some make less sense than others, as those who abhor them in places like LinkedIn probably think, or as those who now protest their arrival on Twitter in the form of fleets. But fleets are here to stay, and it makes perfect sense.

Do not go


As we said, the “fault” that this type of content exists is Snapchat. It was the network that put them on the map and the one that suffered, how could it be otherwise, the copy by Instagram with their stories. Instagram itself has recently done the same with TikTok, incorporating its Reels, for example. Because the leader is the one who can afford to do this: wait and adapt what works.

How Facebook, Twitter, LINE, and others have copied Snapchat features

With Instagram now under the command of Zuckerberg and the Facebook corporation, the stories reached a much larger number of people and achieved something that Facebook shareholders and investors have long been asking for: increased usage time. The stories have probably been the great key so that you do not open Instagram, give three ‘I like’ and leave. Now you consume content almost constantly.

That content disappears changes the way we interact with social networks. Now you have to hurry.

And that is what has made this ephemeral content continue to expand like a gas, penetrating every crack, accessing every social network. The Twitter movement with its fleets is pretty smart in this regard. A fast social network, with very fast consumer content and prone to debate, suddenly has content that can disappear, and that invites you to come in more and more times during the day.

The debate on fleets disappears as the responses to them go to the private sphere, to the DMs, and they are no longer there for someone to answer after months or years, as is the case with tweets. Twitter changes the way we interact on its network in an almost radical way and manages, as we mentioned before, to increase our time of permanence. Make sure you do not leave and enter again and again. What you do not see today, you will miss forever. Do not go.

Taking time from others


As in the case of other networks, you can consume fleets or not, it is something that is left to your choice. There will be users who transfer part of their content there and it will no longer be permanent, and you will probably miss it if you do not consume them but, again, it will be up to you. So now Twitter covers the two main models of use of social networks. Stay as you were when it came to tweets and what worked, and very well, on your competitor’s networks mattered.

Surely many people have experienced what is happening to me since their arrival. Now I consume less Instagram and share fewer stories there. I used them, to a certain extent, to reach other areas such as Facebook, where I have my trusted contacts. Now, with fleets, I have a question about what to post and where. Or, in the worst case for any of the networks, move all the publications to the new space.

Twiiter gains a new way of using the networks with fleets, at the same time that it makes new windows to insert advertising

If the play goes well for Twitter, it will make its users consume more of its content, which will translate into greater permanence, more data exchanged that can be monetized and, of course, more windows to hang advertising. And incidentally, snatch users and time of use to Instagram and Facebook. And it is not convenient to underestimate something that Twitter has in its favor for a long time, and that with fleets can be enhanced to infinity: sex and the great difference with which these contents are treated compared to Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

Right now they are very green, most users do not have them activated and there is still a long way to go in terms of privacy controls and publication options. But fleets are here to stay because, in my opinion, It is the type of content that Twitter lacked in order to continue growing in a world as competitive as that of the networks. Yes, Twitter needed fleets and I strongly believe that they will succeed. And I also want to be allowed to edit the tweets.

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