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1610652626 Facebook redesigns its application to make it easier to view

Facebook redesigns its application to make it easier to view the personal data it collects

A new change in the Facebook application, both for Android and iPhone, makes it easier to understand what the company does with the user data it collects. With this change, the ‘Your personal information’ and ‘Information about you’ sections come together to create a space with eight different categories.

The concern for privacy in applications is a fact that is aggravated when Facebook is in the equation. We have seen it recently with the changes in the privacy of WhatsApp and the notice that has jumped on the phone of all users, for example. And, as the company is aware of this concern, it has decided to improve the way in which it reflects everything it collects from each user. Of course, we do not know well if the change facilitates understanding or worsens it.

Facebook breaks personal information into eight categories

Facebook Personal Data

When using Facebook, whether it is the application or any of the services offered by its conglomerate of companies, a huge amount of usage data is stored to build an accurate personal profile. Said data can be consulted within the application and also on the web: until now they have been collected in ‘Your personal information’ and ‘Information about you’. Not that the sections were very clear, hence Facebook has renewed the apps.

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The new sections with the personal information collected are now available, both in the Facebook application for Android and in the iOS application. They unify said information to subdivide it into eight reference categories; which in turn end up branching out into various subsections. The volume of data is such that, as much as Facebook tries to simplify the query, it is still difficult to satisfy.

To access the new personal information section, you must perform the following steps:

  • Open the Facebook app and click on the menu icon (the three horizontal lines).
  • Drop down ‘Settings and privacy’ and go to ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll down to ‘Your Facebook information’ and click on ‘Access your information’. Facebook collects in this section all the data it collects from each user.
Facebook Personal Data The new redesigned personal section

Within the personal information, all user data that has been collected on Facebook’s servers can be consulted. To do this, you must go to the eight categories into which the personal profile is divided:

  • Your activity on Facebook. Posts, played videos, comments …
  • Personal information. Addresses, personal data, when the Facebook account was opened …
  • Friends and followers. Information on all interactions with other Facebook users.
  • Registered information. Locations, search history …
  • Login and security information. Record of all logins and authorizations.
  • Apps and websites outside of Facebook. Apps and pages where you registered using the Facebook login, also related activity.
  • preferences. Facial recognition information and posts from friends and pages that were given favorites.
  • Ad information. User relationship with advertisers and personal information they store.
Facebook Personal Data

The new design of personal information is already activated in mobile applications. It is not active on the web yet: Facebook ensures that it will arrive soon.

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