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Facebook wants to unify both services

This morning Facebook announced integration tools between Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, mainly for synchronization and cross-content. The thing has not remained here, as the company has just announced one of the biggest developments in recent yearsInstagram and Messenger can now cross-message.

Instagram and Messenger users will be able to send messages from the respective applications, a way to make apps even more integrated. In fact, Facebook will be adding Messenger features to Instagram to make it “more Messenger”, with sticker-level news.

Instagram and Messenger, closer than ever


Facebook has just announced the most powerful integration between Messenger and Instagram. The main change will be InstagramThe new version of the software will have a new direct message interface. The ‘Direct’ icon will become the Messenger icon, and when we open the conversation the interface will be much more similar to that of Messenger.

Aside from the message crossing, Instagram Direct’s interface will be more like Messenger’s than ever

More options will arrive at the level of personalization, with a multitude of topics for conversation, stickers with our selfies, personalized reactions, the option to view content with Messenger users and, most importantly, cross conversations between the two platforms. If you are on Instagram you can talk to a Facebook contact who is using Messenger and vice versa.

Ig In principle, this cross between the apps will be voluntary.

A curious function has to do with the “disappearance mode”, which will allow that the messages automatically disappear once the other person has seen them. As always, we’ll be able to configure the app to control the requests for messages and calls, to prevent contacts we don’t have from sending us messages.

It is striking that this crossover of messages and functions will be voluntary in the first instance. We will get a message saying whether we want to update Instagram with Messenger features, which we can accept or reject. These new features will be activated progressively from now on, so it’s just a matter of time before they reach your phone.

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