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Facebook will make it easier to clean up your account with a new tool for

A new Facebook tool promises to make content clean-up much easier: by activity type and in block. The company has just announced it and it will soon be available to users of the platform.

If you’re one of those who accumulate tons of updates, photos and all kinds of activity on your Facebook account, you’re in luck: soon you can easily clean up your chronology. That’s what Facebook wants with a new tool recently announced: ‘Activity Manager’. First for mobile applications, then for the web.

Check all your activity and delete at once what you don’t want

Administrator Activity Facebook Access to the administrator from the Activity Log

Seeing everything you have uploaded to the social network was not difficult since Facebook has been offering the Activity Log for years, a centralized area from which to check the huge amount of content you’ve been accumulating. You can access this record from your profile options in the app and also through the web. And soon you’ll have a way to manage it much more accurately.

As Facebook has published on its official page, the activity manager or ‘Manage activity’ offers a complete way to manage everything that saves the social network of each user. Located on the profile page, simply log in to the administration to view the activity log along with the option to block editing any type of action. Facebook allows you to filter by all types of content, by updates, dates and even to enter the archive. And the good thing is that you no longer have to delete item by item, as was the case until now in the activity log: the new tool allows you to mark everything you want and then manage it. You want to delete all the posts of a year? Filter by that date, select them all and file them. Or, if you want, send them to the trash.

The activity management tool will first reach the ‘full’ mobile applications and then land on the web and Lite versions. Facebook does not give specific dates, nor countriesThe update is expected to be progressive from today.

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