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Files by Google adds a system to go forward or backward when playing video in the application

Among the entire catalog of applications that Google has, one of the most interesting is Files by Google. An application that can be a file explorer in a more than solvent way and that now receives a new improvement for facilitate the playback of videos in the same application.

If you do not know Files from Google, comment as a reminder that it was born as a utility to free up space in Android Go and at the same time that the surname Go was lost, it became a basic utility and not only in entry-level phones. Along with the original ability to free up space on the mobile, we also have access to a complete file system and even an integrated video player.

Ten seconds forward or back

And to all the advantages it offers is now added a new improvement that concerns the multimedia player. This is now enhanced in 1.0.346212449 that is being implemented with a gesture playback control system for those videos that we run within the same application.

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If we open a video, either in full screen mode or vertically, we can double-tap on the screen, either left or right. In this way, a playback control will appear that allows you to jump forward or backward in periods of 10 seconds.

Gestures aren’t new to Google FilesWell, remember that in October it was updated by introducing gestures to control the volume and brightness on the screen.

It is not that it is the perfect video player, but if we are within the Google Files application and the video is long, this system can grant a plus to move quickly and without having to deploy traditional controls.

Google files

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